Air flow and climate control

What is a proper air flow set up for a 2x2x4 grow tent and how can I keep my humidity levels up without having to much moisture in the tent

A small 4” carbon filter and fan at the top exhausting out and the passive vents open on bottom, or you can get an intake fan and have that come through the bottom port.

That’s roughly the size of my grow box, but it’s a converted freezer so it holds heat. I use an exhaust setup like @MattyBear described, and two intake fans to help bring in fresh, cool air. A tent would obviously radiate off more of the heat from the lighting than an insulated fridge. Best bet is to set it up and run it overnight, maybe a few nights, to see how the temps/rh runs, before putting plants in there.
And as far as your rh, you’ve tent will be drier than the room it’s in, so a humidifier in the room that it’s drawing air from will bring up the humidity in the tent.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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Yes that helps thank you I have been running it for a few days, I have a heater with temp control inside to keep it around 73 a carbon fan and 4 inch eshaust duct, a 6 inch fan A bowl of water and a 300 watt led light and a humidifier outside the tent and a 4 inch ducky work running by the humidifier I think I just need a better humidifier it runs out of water to fast and drops my humidity to 20%

You have 16 square feet in that grow tent or box you need a fan that can pull out at least that much but i would find something in the 30 cfm range if it was me and leave the passive vents open in tent or you can use a small fan to push air into tent
Maintaining proper rh levels in room tent is located in also helps with rh in tent

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Square feet or cubic feet, @Countryboyjvd1971 ? Just curious, I grow in an open room or outdoors so ventilation isn’t an issue for me.