Air Filter Question

How can I calculate what size Carbon Air Filter I need for my small closet grow room? Also looking for some suggestions for a quiet and inexpensive approach. I have 54 cubic feet in my closet.

If your grow space is 54 cubic feet then you want a filter that at least pulls 54 cubic feet a want to create a slight amount of negative pressure with the exhaust fan so the negative pressure can help pull in fresh air. I would recommend getting a exhaust fan that pulls slightly more cubic feet a minute than your grow space as the carbon filter when attached will slow the amount of cfm’s the fan pulls.I myself have 40 cubic feet of grow space with a 100 cfm exhaust fan that works perfectly

Can you share with me what kind of set up you have? That sounds like it will work fine for what I have.

Hello Cash question also regarding carbon filter I have a tent 32"x 32"x 64 and got a 4" from eBay 87.00 speed control 20.00 spec say 190 cfm is this ok

CFM = cubic feet per minute

54 CF would not require much of a fan. This is not about what size carbon filter you need; It is about what size extraction fan you need.

If there was one…A 54 CFM fan would evacuate your space in 1 minute. A 180 CFM fan would refresh the air in 22-24 seconds.

You buy a filter to fit the fan you need; Not the other way around.

A 4" inline booster fan should be plenty. This would hook up to a 4: carbon filter.

Thanks guys, appreciate the help!