Air cooled hood setup..need help

Okay so for transplant with them that close how would I go about doing that? Dig around the plants enough to pull out of pot and then just carefully separate them I read somewhere a “shaking” method but not a vigorous shake just a lite shake ?

Also if this isn’t an autoflower I have no idea to tell if it is or not like I said I found it in some bud from Trulieve, but if it is NOT I’m able to clone it when it gets big enough correct ?


Also am I able to keep a mother plant in veg specifically for cloning :face_with_monocle:

You could clone them when they’re big enough to start cutting off 3-5 inch branches. As long as not an auto, you can keep a clone mother in veg forever.


On the separation and transplant, you will need to shake the dirt off and just separate them, they won’t be happy about the major root disturbance but you do what ya gotta do.


I keep seeing fabric pots, Are the Vivosun 5 gallon grow bags heavy duty fabric pots any good ?

I use their 7 gallon fabric pots, seem great, no complaints.

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Alright guys I’m back from the hospital I have a beautiful daughter !!

So I haven’t watered or been home since Saturday (6/20) and this is what I get home to

I am waiting for vivosun 5 gallons pots to come in in order to transplant and also waiting on my light system and carbon filter etc…
I am going to order nutes once I figure out which one I like better since I’m only growing 2 plants how long would these last the sensi bloom bottles are a liter and the bud candy etc are 500 ml I know that’s not much but I’m new and am I’m need of help so if anyone has any info please let me know


@hippy4life I saw on a thread you posted on about AN A&B bud candy and big bud is what you use I was thinking of the same thing, would I need all of the pictures above or just the 4 you use

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I got my air cooled hood in today… I’m still waiting on my inline fan and was thinking once I lower the light into my space I’m not gonna have room to have the carbon filler ducting and light/hood in the space

And it’s about 4 inches from the wall on opposite side so I said F*** It and just ordered a 48x24x60 vivosun tent so I have room for everything I want to set up and not have to worry about it anymore finally after about a thousand dollars I made the smart move if I would have been smart and ordered what I ordered now instead of going around and buying from here and there I would have saved a bunch of money !

I could take those white boards out and extend height but still don’t think I have the room for carbon filter and ducting…well to late now, now to wait for the tent :smiling_imp:

@Hellraiser is this setup right I know we talked about this before so I have the Corbin filter to the air cooled hood to the exhaust fan

I guess I’m asking if I have the fan right it’s sucking from the carbon filter through the hood out the tent right ?

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@TommyBahama hey man I think I got it right

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Yes, that’s what you want.

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Alright and I stole your idea about the 2 little genesis fans (had to) but my temp is still at 84.0 right now and 44 humidity… I’m getting the s6 cloudline tomorrow in mail how would I set that up as an intake just fan/duct inside the bottom of the tent ? (I know to put pantyhose or something on the back of fan for filter

I believe the girls are loving their new home ! Just put them in at around 10pm only been in about an hour and a half and already looking perkier ! Can’t wait to see tomorrow also nutrients starts next week :grin:

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Yeah just duct it to one of the side bottom holes, fresh air from bottom, hot air out the top.

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I want to start a grow journal I saw a post that I should have copied about soil, lights, indoor, ventilation and all that but can’t seem to find it to put everything that I am using in… anyways @Hellraiser what is on the bottom pictures leaf?

Something’s munching on your leaves, time for some neem oil or spinosad.