Air Conditioning units

Use it to cool the room down and if you have an intake fan, cold air will get pulled in.

I tried several ways to cool the tent down. Inside the tent. Outside the tent with the AC blowing in. None of that worked till I cooled the room down and I was fine from here on out.

@Audiofreak I think Florida is cold compared to where I live in South Texas. We took a drive down to St Petersburg and we had to use the Honda CR-V AC only in Texas. And only had to use it once I crossed back in Texas.


Ways to cool down a room

  • portable ac unit
  • window unit
  • cool the entire house using hvac
  • buy and install a mini split in the room

Like @MrPeat stated above, and I did as well, you need to cool the room your tent is in and draw that air thru the tent.

Otherwise grow during more optimal conditions

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I tried a Portable AC unit and lets say this. If you don’t spend a minimum of $600 for one, you are going to heat the house up real fast. I do not recommend a portable one after trying it. Even with the hot air sucked outside the window the house still jumped up past 85 degrees.

I use a small Window AC and it works like a champ. I think its just a 5k BTU one. It can take the temp in the room from 85 to the low 70’s real fast.


I needed to use insulated ducting for mine, worked great but I ended up needing a inline carbon filter to get rid of skunk throughout the neighborhood

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During winter here I go from Heat on in the morning to ac on same afternoon. During summer we run ac 24/7 at about 79.

When our Central Air was running, we run the AC 24/7 all year. We need the freon charged but my sister is happy with using window AC’s. The plan is to pick up 2 more. One for my room and one in the dining room window and it will blow cold air into the kitchen.

Oh you are so correct. But I will take it over humidity and snow. I am from the North. But I have a small air conditioner coming tomorrow

Ya I’ve seen snow…f that.

Do your lights have removable drivers, if so move them outside the tent, I have also run a duct from inside tent to inline fan that pulls the air out and I place the duct right over the lights or where the warm air is and pull in cooler room air passively through the bottom vents. I built a grow room in the back room of my basement and besides this room this is where the tents will be located when they finish what they doin. Then we picked up a window unit just for that room. So all the grow spaces can use the cooler air.

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Wouldn’t do this in hot climate if you’re worried about cooling bill. Puts home under negative pressure, essentially drawing all the cool air in your home towards your intake, then exhausting it outside. When I did it, could have bought a small split unit for what I paid in electricity that summer.

What are you using for lights? If leds, you don’t really want to be below 80f during lights on. Low 80’s is pretty much the wheel house for ideal leaf surface temp.


Me too! I thought maybe a 1,000 BTU air conditioner would be enough for my small space, but room AC’s start at 5,000BTU. “Enclosure air conditioners” are available in appropriate sizes, but they’re ridiculously expensive. I’m still looking for a solution.

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If you are using leds try to see if you’re unit has a long enough cord to dismount and place the driver outside of the tent so that the leds and the driver aren’t in the tent together creating more heat some units you can do it with and some you can’t but it helps if its doable over all the driver itself is going to put off more heat that the led panels will

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