Air Conditioning units

I have a couple people I chat with but I am looking for advice of a unit of an air conditioner to fit a 4x2x5 tent. Can’t get the temperature down below 80 degrees. Please help

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I’m in the same boat. Would like to see the input on this post.

Ok we shall wait

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Just upgraded to a 2x4x6.3 tent from 2x4x5 tent, hoping the larger volume will help reduce temp???

Must be summer already. Im having the same problem. I am also interested in a small ac unit. Looks like I’ll be doing some research today…

Get a double hosed ac unit. They work better than the single hosed ones. Also what are you using for fans carbon filters ducting and so on? Maybe the air exchange isn’t great? Not doubting you guys just asking for the factors. If you can save money not throwing in an ac unit its worth it.

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My tent set up is small 4x2x5. I have a exhaust fan and charcoal filter. I was thinking of putting a small ac in it.

It’s called Florida! That’s the issue for me. It gets HOT here. I like the idea of the 2 hose type as a 2x4x?? Is cramped in the first place.

Its Tucson for me. You have the humidity and heat. Humidity here sucks and temperatures get terrible

I’ve been in Tucson, no thank you. No really pretty and beautiful skys at night in the desert. But ya HOT

Have it on the outside and use ducting to pipe it on to your tent

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If you guys are in Florida and shit then yeah prob need a ac lmao

Ya I’m in fla but not “shit” yet! Only cure I’ve heard yet is small portable ac unit. Like to hear best units people are using and expierances.

So you all don’t run ac in your house?

Easiest way to cool down a tent is to cool the air in the room the tent is in. Use a inline fan to create a negative pressure exchange thru your tent…

Open bottom vent to draw air in, exhaust thru upper vent


Would have to run house air down to the 60’s or low 70’s to make enough difference, wife would kill me as she froze. Not to mention 3/400.00 power bill yo draw temps down that much from 80/90 degrees outside temps.

@Audiofreak when I thought I needed one I ran a della portable ac unit. You’ll need a thermal insulated duct tube also

Ours is roughly 600/month

Ya that ain’t happening.

I run a couple of lights tho so, it is what it is :wink:

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So far the electric cost has been negligible. But I heard those small ac units are so inefficient.

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Can you put an ac unit in your grow room and keep the door shut? Then vent the tent outside?
If you keep the house around 80°, it shouldn’t take much to get the room down to 75ish keeping the tent around 80° with negative air pressure and warm tent air exiting outside.

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