Air conditioner

I am currently running two 1k de yeildlab lights with a 8k btu a/c in a 12x10x9 room. It’s not cool off properly and I’m only in 600 mode. I’m going to buy a new ac. Should I got up to 10k or 12k??? Any thoughts. No tents. 8" scrub fan. portable ac exhausted thru the ceiling and sealed up.

And it’s over a 100 degrees daily here, running 6pm-noon. Temps above 77. Highest is 81. In room.

I have the same problem with heat here. But if your highest is 81deg you are fine. Ive had days where my tent temp. has been over 100deg. (had one week over a 100 daily with one being 107 in tent), and my plants are fine. Just keep the RH up high.

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And to think I start to worry at 82

@Lash @Oldstoner
Here is my grow journal. Its shows my battle against the high temps, and also shows how my girls have thrived in it.


Oh Really!!

Lash, i personally worry more about my humidity more so then heat although my veg room is bigger then your room but only 8’ ceilings. If my humidity is out of wack is when I worry.i keep my humidity around 50-55…I run a 18000 btu mini split in that room works out great. In a room that size and what you stated your running in it I’d run a 9000-12000 btu minisplit in a sealed room. Sounds like a lot but really it isn’t when you add up all what you have since everything is heat, lights, ballasts,Fans,dehumidifiers etc etc…You might get by with a 9000btu if all you have is 2 1000 watters and 1 scrubber but I’d personally get a 12000 btu split and run it where you need to. I run my 18000 btu split at 76-78 degrees and seems to keep my humidity where I want it and temps…Just something to consider everyone has there own way of doing things it’s really what works for you. Good luck on your growing endeavors…