Air and Water pumps unplugged for 2 days

Hey, so I’m an idiot and the last time I changed out my rez, I forgot to plug back in the air and water pumps. I am doing a DWC top feed “bubbleponics” setup. The plant had a copper deficiency beforehand, and I thought that it was simply getting worse so I didn’t realize the real problem was the lack of oxygen. The top leaves still show signs of a bad copper deficiency and are now drooping a lot to the point where some look like they are dying. However, the roots and rest of the plant look quite healthy.

My question is, now that I plugged everything back in, is there anything else I can do? I’m pretty sure the copper deficiency was from a pH issue that I have already fixed. What are her chances of surviving? Should I change out the rez for any reason?

I would simply because bacteria may be present stagnant water is perfect breeding environment

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LJ, who told you it was cooper ? This is cooper deficiency

This pic here is magnesium deficiency.
a zinc deficiencies THE Last pic

Both of these deficiency’s are very similar to your problem. …Not Copper !!

I can send you the info on both if you to ant.


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Hey, thanks for the info. As soon as I posted the photos I started to think myself that it was probably something other than copper. In any case, I have kept the pph real low this entire grow and am now slowly increasing the amount of nutes, so hopefully whatever it is will clear up. That is, if the plant survives.

The offer still stands if you want the info just ask my friend…OK