Ain't these ready yet? I am! Opinion please

As above! 3rd day of 9th week since flip. (Pre-flowers were present at the flip) eyes with magnification can’t see em. Are they even cloudy yet? Really need help from another set of eyes. Thanks


Saw a video of tips from a master grower in charge of a Colorado grow facility with 15,000 plants. Don’t be in a hurry to harvest was a tip for yield and quality.


Not so much in a hurry as i just don’t want to wait to long! With 15,000 plants they can afford to miss on a few I CAN’T LOL.

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Your pistils are still white, check trichomes and verify, but I would bet you’d see mostly clear. You still have a ways out.


Read first of post please. I do agree about the white pistels. But more and more brown ones, I can see THEM just can’t see well enough to see if the tricomes are cloudy,clear or amber.


Chill…got plenty of time yet.

Your crisp white lighted pics help lots.

For the most part…you have a good harvest in progress. Let it continue and the buds will fill out plumper and load on more trichomes. Which IS the goal. The buds are set to bulge out and thicken. The pics shows lots of buds…that if allowed to mature will get less airy and be tighter.
The red hairs are dead pistils…they only stay white and alive for a few weeks. Not a good indicator of harvest worthiness.
ALL the pics showed clear trichomes…except the last one. It looks a little cloudy.

BTW…once individual sections of the plant mature to your satisfaction, that individual section can be harvested. And the rest allowed to mature further.


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If you still have white pistils, they’re not ready. I’d say 3 or 4 weeks still, maybe longer. Looks great! :v:


I can only reach (with my hand) 1/2 way around most of the cola’s now. I’ve been waiting for them to start popping their so plump. This bud is about 8" in circumference.

Awesome! Humidity is critical at this stage. Make sure your numbers are good and you have good airflow around your buds. Rot, now, would really suck. Very nice work. :metal:

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Yeah what tan said, I have 3 that had the stalks skint and are in 2nd flower.

Rh is 45 to 55% good venting and air flow.

I won’t tell you to wait since I can’t quite make out trich percentages - I personally pull mine with mostly cloudy and less amber than most do… remember tho on your dry and cure you can cut the size of the bud in half from water loss so that huge plump bud will be much much smaller on final product. You add a ton of weight in last couple weeks. Good luck!!!

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Pull up a fully mature cola picture and compare. You will see that you have a ways to go. 3 to 4 weeks is my guess too.


OK it’s been 10 more days!!! Are we there yet??? Any closer???

All good advice above. I would like to add that you may have a little fox tailing going on and if that is the case don’t let that confuse you on your harvest. Good grow and good luck on future grows.

LoL you missed the point, dude wasn’t talking about 15,000. He was talking about just 1

It’s been 2 more weeks, snatched a small popcorn bud off bottom of plant and wow surprised me, nice subtle buzz that lasted 30 min. Wish I could see enough to tell color of tricomes. Smells nice, sticky, and frosty as hell. Gotta be close?? Wife wants me to chop today but I’m unsure (no practical expirence). Input greatly appreciated! !!!

Tried picts in different light, hope it’s better. Thanks all.


Man, those white pistils say she’s still bulking up.

How do you mean “confuse” on harvest???

When you see those white pistils it means a new calyx (bud) has opened up which means she’s producing more calyx and bulking up. But looking back on your journal the pistils are hanging around longer than they should ( I dont see any that have receded). Maybe add an hour to your lights off schedule to see if she gets the hint it’s time to ripen up.