Ain’t no mountain

I started them all basically 7/1

This is where I’m at now. Only about a month ago did I realize the benefits of RO. First time, please forgive me. How do they look? They’re all varying heights.

Thank you very much for the feedback.


They look good, but chances are you’re under lit.
What lights are you using and in what space?

Hard to tell under that lighting. It is recommended to take pictures of the plant in natural lighting. The one looks like it’s growing well.

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Welcome! You have a good start and you are in the right place for any grow help.

So: what soil are you in? If you have the bag; a picture is great.

Fabric pots are wonderful. Think about using those. If you are thinking about potting up then by all means use cloth pots.

Lighting is king. Let us know what you are using to light your plants. Also; how are you checking and maintaining your PH? Meter? strips? drops? 3 in 1 meter?

@Drinkslinger @Myfriendis410 @MrPeat

The tallest one has the least amount of branches on the low end from my trimming. I was going to put a canopy @ 4 ft up.

Just upgraded to this from a 600W modelo

This is what I use for nutrients @OneMannGang. I love this set up. So my plants get a double whammy. So what they say on the powder. Beginning to Middle and Middle to Final weeks. So it’s easy to use when you know when your plants started to flower.

@MrPeat how often do you feed them? Water them? I think I’m only in 3 gallon pots now. Think I need to go 5 for flowing?

@OneMannGang I feed my plants about every 3 days. I don’t do full strength feedings and this is why I can do more feedings per week. My big girl is getting even thirstier so this will probably change to a stronger nutrient schedule.

The higrow 1500 pulls 300w at the wall. It’s good for around 6’ square. So, enough for about 1 plant flowering in a 2’x3’ space.

The prong pH Meters are complete junk until you start spending $100 plus on them

Fox farm ocean forest is a great soil to use once you’re past the seedling stage. It usually contains enough nutes to get you through month 2 of veg.

Fox farms nutes (the trio), are also user friendly. Just stick to their flush schedule and don’t over do it.

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I agree that Fox Farm Nutrients is easy to use. And the plant will let you know if a problem arises. That is when this forum really shines due to the knowledge pool found here.

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Many of us have used fox farms nutes at some point. :+1:


You said it all! Thank you.

One thing I learned the hard way on the FF grow schedule: it’s in a different scale than USA (we use NACL scale/500 and Canada uses a 750 scale) which means ppm numbers are 30% higher than NACL scale ppm. So don’'t try to hit 1,400 ppm like the schedule says or you’ll burn em.

Pick up a decent digital PH meter and PH up and down, some 7.0 Standard Reference Solution, a TDS meter that outputs NACL scale and you have most of the tools you’ll need.