Ahoy Mates! Climb aboard and sail along on Anne Bonny’s first indoor grow. 🏴‍☠️


Keeping a eye on that Blue Dream! :heart_eyes:


looking good AB. You can start your grow out :slight_smile: Dealing with heat inside of confine spaces always takes a bit of engineering but I’m confident you’ll find a solution.


Your doing great @AnneBonny
Woohoo :raised_hands:
Not much difference between indoors and out
Just less bugs and what not indoors :+1:


Outstanding @AnneBonny! @bob31 stole my comments lol. Great minds and blah blah blah haha. Don’t forget to use some Mykos when you move em over. They’ll appreciate it.

If you can vent just a small opening up high it can make a huge difference in temperature.


Thanks @myfriendis410. I thought of that last night and did open one of the top vent holes. It dropped to 84 degrees. I’m going to see if I can find a small humidifier and plan to transplant after work today and put up the carbon filter. Busy busy!


You probably don’t need to put up the filter yet. No sense wasting it’s life until you need it.

When I got ready for FIM and LST I went back and reread the sections that dealt with it and I’m glad I did.


So, the girls have been transplanted into 5 gallon fabric pots and given a drink. I did not water to runoff, just enough to give them a drink as they acclimate. They were not root bound and even though I couldn’t see the roots the soil held together and didn’t crumble in my hand. PH was 6.5 and the TDS meter read 204 ppm (not sure if that’s good or bad or where I’m supposed to be so will have to look into that further).

My husband put a humidifier in the tent while I was at work in an effort to bring humidity up. But it’s one that we usually use for whole room in the winter so it’s pretty strong. When I put it at 55% is doesn’t mist but when I put it up one more notch its too much and shoots up really high. A trip to Job Lot or Walmart for smaller one is on my to do list.


Try putting that humidifier outside the tent in the room the tents in and bring rh up in the whole room…you are drawing air from the room? If so that should bring rh up in tent also and save your money instead of buying another…plus I’ve read here that certain ones will clog your carbon filter…may want to check on that @AnneBonny clones look good wish I could have got a couple of mine to you sorry about that…


Or you can put some wet towels, a bucket with water! Just a thought!


Yes she can try that but seeing she all ready has a humidifier she could just turn that on in the room…heck why not try both lol


Congrats AnneB. You will be a good parent to them I am sure. I hope you can get the temp and humidity under control soon, as the high temps can lead to issues. (they can evaporate water faster to cool down which can cause nute burn and lower soil PH). one of the things I learned lately…
If you are inclined to give the girls their very own humidifier I can strongly recommend this one.

it holds a bit over 1 gallon, has a very small footprint and works great. It doesn’t have any filters to change, just rinse the filter assembly a couple times a year. It is nearly silent. Just set it to the humidity you want and cover the display with tape to prevent light during dark period.
Good Luck


I have this one, highly recommend it. Use distilled water


@MindlessCorpse @bryan @AnneBonny

I will let @Countryboyjvd1971 talk about misting humidifiers and what they can do to our filters inside the tent. I think bryan nailed the distilled water!

I use a wicking humidifier at the recommendation of Mr HVAC. I hate to buy water from the store!


w/o distilled water, the air gets full of minerals and dust will accumulate inside your carbon filter, making it useless.


Ok - good to know on the humidifier in the tent. My carbon filer isn’t installed yet so it’s ok for now right? Just once it’s installed I will move it out. Temps and humidity are staying pretty steady at the moment. Of course today that could change as outside is supposed to get sticky. We’ll see.


Update Day 5 of receiving clones

Yesterday was super busy as I had a meeting after work that ran until after 9 so couldn’t do a deep look at the girls. Being home today I was able to really take a look and realized the grapefruit is in pre-flower (I think). The Blue Dream is not (that I can see). I am on a 14/10 light schedule which I thought should be fine. Since I don’t know the age of the mother (my husband asked but his friend wasn’t sure and is going to try to find out) I am wondering if this is just a reaction to a change in schedule and if I keep it on the 14/10 I hope it will revert back to veg. It’s only about 4.5 inches tall.

Here are some pics. I will load separately so you can zoom. Please let me know your thoughts @Hogmaster @Donaldj @Majiktoker @Countryboyjvd1971 @WillyJ @bob31 and anyone else who wants to chime in






Blue dream…sorry didn’t get one under natural light

Thanks for looking and any input ~ AB


I use the 18/6 schedule but I think I’ve read that some strains will preflower in veg under that schedule.I think she will continue to veg but let someone with some experience with 14/10 give you some info