Ahoy Mates! Climb aboard and sail along on Anne Bonny’s first indoor grow. 🏴‍☠️


They can get huge. Def have to LST or SCROG them indoors @Countryboyjvd1971 @AnneBonny


@bob31 I plan o super cropping and LST training on the three I have free growing
All switch to flower when I need to even if it a early veg lol all good tho brother hahaha
I like having big beautiful plants lol


Oh boy! @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 Thanks for the info. Looks like I will be learning a lot on this first indoor grow. I have been reading tons of journals trying to get a handle on the topping and fimming and LST-ing. Hopefully I’m up to the challenge and I don’t screw it up.


Don’t worry @AnneBonny there are enough of us here to help you out, you’ll be a pro in no time!


Man O’ Man (and Woman) truer words have never been spoken. @bob31 and crew (including you @AnneBonny) together with ILGM (Thanks @RobertBergman) have made a grower out of this newbie!!! Could. Not. Have. Done. It. Without. Their. Help.


You and me both. Just a thought for you, don’t read so much that you cloud the project. I think I read up on so many things that it began to appear as a brain transplant procedure or something. The one thing I can say to help is, Keep Strict Control on PH. You already have a nice tent setup with light. Check ventilation and you should be good to go.


Exactly @MindlessCorpse I have to keep reminding myself it’s NOT brain surgery.


Got my email that my seeds are on their way! Woo Hoo! Anticipation.


Oh, something you will learn to like,

there are cheaper ones, but they usually have a poor seal.
This will make things so much easier later on
Take the spray tip out of the end of the wand so it runs out in a nice stream.


Thanks @MindlessCorpse I saw that @bob31 and someone else (that my tired brain can’t recall at the moment) uses this. My lower back will thank me if I add this to my wish list (which is getting really long btw).


Looking good so far AB just waiting for seed like me now :slight_smile:


I believe the trendsetter was @BobWags

Got mine at true value. I want to say they come in one and two gallon models. One gallon was plenty for me!


Alrighty castaway’s! Get ready to board this vessel and hoist the jolly roger cause we are setting sail earlier than planned.

Once again my plans have changed as today an old high school friend of my husbands gifted me 2 clones. Like any good lady pirate I can roll with it. So I now have a Blue Dream and a Grapefruit clone getting settled in my tent. Both are sativa dominant and from what I have read so far get tall so will be reaching out for topping, fimming and LSTing help I am sure. Once I get my seeds that I ordered I will set them aside for a bit for now.

So first lets set the tone…

Now lets gets started turning these girls into long legged models shall we?

Here are their coming out pics…

As you can see they are a little spindly. I put them in the tent about 4 pm and can already see I am going to have some issues I need to dial in. Temp is 88 and humidity was 38. I put a bowl of water on the floor in the tent and it’s now up to 40 but I know that’s not good. I have a fan I can put in but the light has a fan going already so not sure if I should. I did open the vents at the bottom on each side to draw in some cooler fresh air which I think is ok while lights are on and I will check again in a bit to see if that has helped. I have decided on a 14/10 light schedule and need to set up the timer still.

And now the questions start:

  1. I know you don’t top or fim seedling until they have 5 set of leaves. How do I know when the right time is with a clone?

  2. I should have asked the age of the mother and I didn’t so when should I start nutrients? The soil felt like they had just been watered so I figured I should let them be for a day or so and see how they react to the new environment before introducing anything.

  3. Just confirming I should only be tending to them (watering, feeding and checking them out) during lights on right? Just like people, lights out are for rest.

So come sail away with me
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Congrats Momma!


They don’t look like they were in flower, so treat them as however many nodes (true sets) of leaves they have.

It would be good to know how long they have been in those cups? And what they are in for medium (soil) now. They might be about ready for transplant to larger pots. Are they both Fems? I would imagine?

I don’t really see any holes in those cups unless they are down low? I’d wait for confirmation but I think they should be transplanted into their 5 gallon pots!

They look great!


Thanks @bob31. Crap! You’re right no holes in the cups. I was planning to transplant in the next day or two any way. They are both fem I am told.

On a side note I (thankfully) washed my fabric pots today before I knew I was getting theses. so I am ready to transplant. I took a firm bristle brush and scrubbed as much loose dirt off the inside and outside as possible. Then shook them, and shook them and shook them some more to get as much dust out. Then washed them on a regular cycle with a little dawn dish detergent and bleach and set them in the sun to dry. They look brand new.


ahoy!!! lookin good, definitely transplant soon. Drainage definitely but not a big deal if you get them into those fabric pots sooner than later.
Did you get any info on how old those clones are? They looked rooted to me,
Curious if you see any roots when you make those holes.


Thanks for the tag! You got some great strains👍 If it were me, I’d get them into the medium of your choice just so you know how to adjust nutes accordingly. Congrats and ahoy!


Congratulations! @AnneBonny
How awesome for you! Thanks for the tag. I’m so going to enjoy this ride. I always wanted to hang with a cool Pirate! :v::seedling: