Ahoy Mates! Climb aboard and sail along on Anne Bonny’s first indoor grow. 🏴‍☠️


Hi @AnneBonny all set up and ready to grow :+1:I just got the platinum mix pack in a couple of days ago can’t wait to see how they grow…haven’t started them yet as I need to plan the timing right… please tag me in woild like to follow your grow…:+1::grin:


I was thinking the Auto-flower mix pack would be perfect for your tent.

The AHA is great daytime meds and good for pain as well. As is the NLA is a good evening or when you need more pain relief and you have some time to relax. Same with the Blueberry. Maybe grow one of each for the first go round or something? @AnneBonny

You really can’t do it wrong! hahaha A 4x2 is also ok for one photo and an auto, but for the first grow, you can’t beat the ease of Auto’s.

I keep forgetting about the one light. What light do you have?


I have this one @bob31



That is one of the best lights they sell on Amazon you are a very smart person @AnneBonny (thats the exact light I have! :laughing:


rear left of the tent!


I have two of them @AnneBonny good choice
@bob31 still need to do the watt test buddy sorry
I’m going to run a new power circuit 20 amp to my grow room so I’ll have panel down so I can do a solid test on them with the good watt meter I picked up bob
So I hope to have the info buy the weekend brother


No worries John. Not like you’re sitting at home with nothing to do, lol! @Countryboyjvd1971


I have two of those as well but I normally use the Meizhi 300 watt for veg as the Roleadro seems more suited to flower. Nice light and a good price.


I’m thinking you are both probably right @bob31 @hillbilly103. Especially considering how nervous I am about it. But I really want to do that chocolope (she says in a whiny voice). Maybe I will switch it up and do the auto mix with a side of chocolope. So many seeds, so little time/space/$


I totally agree @AnneBonny
Its way to hard to choose. My thinkin is eeny meeny miny moe…:v:


Nice looking tent! Hope u have good luck with it!


@AnneBonny So I have two thoughts on this

If you really want to grow the chocolope, grow the Amnesia haze now. It is the ILGM Strain that is closest to the Chocolope as far as the medical ratings. Plus it is an easy grower from what I have seen. I am doing a couple probably in the next week or so.

If you like this and everything goes well and all, maybe Santa can help out with a larger tent and some extra lights? If you grew one Chocolope in a 4x2 tent it would probably take 60-70 days to fill the tent and then 60 days or so of veg.

My experience tells me that is a long time to wait for your first grow. The AH will flower in just about 30 days and be done in 90 total.

If all that works out, I think you will be happy with that setup. IMO 2 4x2 tent would work nicely if you have the room?

Or you could just get a 4x4 tent at some point and move everything into that. Sell the 4x2 on craigslist to someone in a legal state to the north.


You are a wise man @bob31 and got me thinking. I actually grew some AH on my outside grow this year. I had 3 seeds that all sprouted. 1 plant I killed by accident when something fell on it and another had too much bud rot to salvage. I was very careful when I harvested the 3rd but the plant was small. I got enough to do a small batch of vape juice for day time and I really like how it helps with my pain without making me need a nap. Given that AH is higher in Sativa I will forgo the chocolope until further down the road when I’m more experience too.

I think I’m going to pull the trigger and place my order this weekend as I just got an email from here with a $20 Labor Day discount on seeds. So it will be 10 AHA and 5 Gold Leaf as they are half off ~ seems like fate to me. I’ve read a lot about the GL on here and it seems like a good night time med to help me sleep. Woo Hoo! ~AB


@AnneBonny just a small typo. I know you followed me but I meant the Amnesia Haze autos…

Solid plan! I like your thinking! The ilgm sale is $20 off of $99 so do it up till midnight the 4th of September!



For comparison; from leafly

Chocolope Effects

Amnesia Haze Effects


That seems like a great deal for under $100.


Seed order has been placed! Woo Hoo! 10 Amnesia Haze Autos and 5 Gold Leaf. Thanks for the discount and GL sale Robert. I had a little panic attack though as I noticed after I placed the order that the GL doesn’t say feminized. But when I look at all the strains and click on the “regular” seed GL isn’t an option so I will assume they are feminized. ~AB


Yes, all GL are fems! Awesome news @AnneBonny


Yup @bob31 on point once again the gold leaf are all feminized :+1: @AnneBonny
I have a grow going now with them just started about 3 weeks ago and they are looking great they are fast growers so far Annne so just be prepared fir that lol
Had to transplant 1week After sprout :+1: The roots grew so fast Woohoo


My gold Leaf the stock is about an 1 1/2 inch across! @AnneBonny @Countryboyjvd1971


Nice @bob31 they are some healthy plants from what I’ve seen
I started for my ne for a scrog other just training
Should be fun bro
I’m more concerned about the height lol