Ahoy Mates! Climb aboard and sail along on Anne Bonny’s first indoor grow. 🏴‍☠️


I took your good advice and replanted them in their forever home. They should be fine I will keep you updated
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I just came across your journal today @AnneBonny! I’m following along as well and can’t wait to see your progress! :+1:


They look great!:+1::grinning:


Thought i’d say Good morning! @WillyJ @AnneBonny @Patsbasement


Hey we are back!!


How’s it going? @Patsbasement


I am doing fine but I do have a problem with my 3ww in my tent…yellow leaves gotta fill out a ticket
Could you post one here and the deficient leaves pic I will save them


I have them but tag me over to your grow and I will post it for you @Patsbasement


Good morning just going to say sorry for any inconvenience caused…didn’t mean for that to happen…that said hope everyone and their ladies are doing well… @bob31 @Patsbasement @AnneBonny @Countryboyjvd1971


Good day @WillyJ happy to see you back hope all is well my friend


We are all good here @WillyJ

Hope your tent is well!

I have a few updates on my grow journal I will tag you over


Things are ok…very hot and humid week last week caused my flower room temps to get to high hit 91 in there caused some foxtailing and my ph got out of wack and being this far into flowering I didn’t want to stress them by flushing them so I gradually brought it back up watering at 6.8-6.9 under control know but got alot of yellowing going on…now that the temp and humidity broke temps are where they should be…looking into ductless air conditioning definitely will have that before next summer…I learned my lesson on running put of calibration fluid fpr ph meter…it has a one point quick cal solution that does both the ph and ppm…it took almost a week to get here and that was enough to throw off my ph…was reading high so ph dropped…was reading 6.5 but actually 5.8 screwed things all up…ppm was high but back to normal now dropped to under 1000 so I fed them…tomorrow will be the start of week 7

@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Nug-bug @M4ur @Patsbasement just realized wasn’t in my thread sorry


Welcome back! I too have some yellowing going on
I will tag you over when I fill out the ticket


Hey @WillyJ @Patsbasement @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 Just saying hello and pondering what seeds to order so I can set sail on this grow. I’m all prep and no action at this point. I did get my carbon filer in last week. Need to unbox it and have hubby help my set it up. This is the system I ended up getting:


also snagged a TDS meter and humidity monitor so I think I am as prepared as I can get. Happy growing all ~ vacation laundry is not doing itself and I’ve procrastinated long enough. ~ AB


Hi @AnneBonny what are you looking for? Any particular medical issues? Day night both… Growing indoors size of grow etc?

Sounds like you are ready to go!


@bob31 I need a combination for my fibromyalgia. Definitely for sleep and hand and hip/lower back pain during the day but I need to be able to function. I was thinking of either the High yield Mix pack because I like the AH and I want to grow the chocolope plus the big bud is indica or the Platinum mix pack. And I may do some Northern lights autos with it. Still not sure. I can only do one, possibly two plants at a time as my tent is only 4x4x2.


Do you want to get a reasonably quick turn around? You could do 4-5 Autos or 2-3 autos and a nice size photo in the back half? (similar to my grow this time around). Autos are quicker but more yield via photos/ also longer grow @AnneBonny


wait… what size is your tent? first two numbers are length x width and third is height 1e mine is 3x3x6 feet


Sorry it’s 4x2 not sure about height. Probably 6. I was thinking a combination of photos and autos for the reasons you stated. But I also only have one light which is why I was thinking one or two at a time.


In a 4x2 you could have 4 autos going with 1 light
Maybe 2NL & 2AH