Ahoy Mates! Climb aboard and sail along on Anne Bonny’s first indoor grow. 🏴‍☠️


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5/19/18 update

My updates have been few as the girls are just doing their thing. They are officially in flower.

The gold leaf has some yellowing/browning leaves that I’m not sure what the deal is. I suspect I should have been adding cal mag right along with each feeding which I recently read on another journal where the PH perfect nutrients are used. I have started doing that and will keep an eye it. It still also has those weird leaves that have random shiny spots and they are almost wavy. If anyone thinks I’m off on the diagnoses please chime in.


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@AnneBonny might be just a few extra fan leaf die off that weren’t getting enough light. Otherwise phosphorus and potassium might be the thing. I could be wrong, either way it doesn’t look too serious. I’m sure you’ll feed her. The flowers look great though. Always enjoy your updates.


How’s your goldleaf coming along? I’ve got two that are 47 days in flower and they had similar yellowing in the beginning. Now one has got many pistils that have turned orange but she’s still shooting out new ones too.


She is probably about 4 -6 weeks to harvest @GreenThunder and she is still getting yellow leaves but her flowers are stacking nicely so I’m not too concerned. I will try to post some pictures later.


I’ve been remiss. Nice haul @AnneBonny

I’ve got to venture into the GG realm pretty soon! Got the beans just not the room.

Your grow looks fantastic!!


Thanks @Screwauger. Much appreciated.


6/16/18 update

Quick update on the Gold Leaf and Gorilla glue. I usually water/feed on Saturday or Sunday but the pots still feel pretty heavy so I’m going to wait. Still getting some yellowing leaves on both plants like I mentioned. I also noticed the past few days my humidity is much higher. I noticed it when lights go on the morning when I peek at them before work that it’s pretty high. It seems when the lights go off it increases even though I still have the fan/filter running. Today it’s stayed around 70 but I opened the door. I suppose since the outside temps have been warmer that is likely messing with it.

This is the Gold Leaf

This is Gorilla Glue

Thanks for stopping by.


Are you running a dehumidifier at all?

No I’m not @Bogleg. You are probably on the right track of what I need to do though. Thx


6/27/18 update

I posted in the garden threads that I had issues with white mold that I discovered on the gold leaf the day before my daughters wedding. Sucks but I just didn’t have time to deal with it and ended up snipping off the colas effected. I’ve been checking and found a couple of more. The buds are so tightly compacted that even with a fan and clipping some of the fan leaves off air flow still seems to be an issue for that plant. The gorilla glue has no signs of it, just the gold leaf.

I had to clip another bud tonight so decided to check the trichomes to see if I’m close.

This is the Gold leaf. You can see the threads of the white mold. Sadly I’ve become a pro at spotting it. But my eyes are terrible when looking at clear vs cloudy. These still look pretty clear to me.

This is the gorilla glue which I see mostly cloudy with some amber.

As I poked around the Gorilla Glue with the microscope I came across a seed. I must have stressed her out. This was a seed that was given to me by a friend of my husbands that he got free from a convention so I’m not sure where it actually came from.

We are in week seven, day five of flower. My GrowBuddy app says estimated harvest for the Gold Leaf is 7/14 and the Gorilla Glue 7/7. Based on the photos that is probably pretty close to accurate. Hopefully I will still have some GL left to harvest in 3 weeks.


Update 7/16/18

The last plants on this grow journal were harvested on 7/7/18. They were very close and with the humidity issues I was having I opted to chop. The GL hung for only about 48 hours before dry enough to trim and jar. The GG took a few more days but was jarred up yesterday.

When I took the GL buds (which were very small and airy) off the stems I had a lot of seeds drop out. About 2 dozen so I clearly stressed her out along the way. The GG only had one seed. Looking back at the journal it could have been several things from changing nutrient lines half way through, to humidity issues to cold(in winter)/heat (the paste several weeks) issues. I saw it all except critters this grow. I decided to soak one of the seeds to see if they are viable and it split and was showing a tail today so I put it in a rock wool cube and will see how it does.

I didn’t weigh it this time since half my house was being torn apart from water damage at the time. I ended up with 2 half gallon jars of gold leaf and 1 half gallon jar of gorilla glue.


Those jars are on the shelf now to cure though I’m going to shake out the majority of the gold leaf into kief just because of how airy the buds are I just feel that’s what’s best for this batch. The gorilla glue will cure all the way though.

While I was burping these tonight, I took the 1/2 gallon jar of blueberry (harvested 3/17/18) down and spread it out to loosen the buds from each other and OMG the smell and stickiness was incredible. This is first time I had enough meds on hand to use while a new crop cured and I have to say it’s a great feeling to know you grew that. Go me!

So, this will likely close out this journal unless something comes up as curing continues. But feel free to join me on my summer grow journal.


Nice finish @AnneBonny. :clap::clap::clap:

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Thanks @SilentHippie. Happy Anniversary!


Thanks for letting me tag along @AnneBonny I’ll definitely tag along on the next one as well.


Thanks for the thorough conclusion @AnneBonny. I’m flowering my second GL right now and hoping that it turns out better than my first one…

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You’re an inspiration to me and others. I’ve enjoyed the ride through this topic. Thank you @AnneBonny :hugs:

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