Ah crap now what

I have these ww autos growing in ffof. They’re about 30 days old and I’ve made plenty of rookie mistakes. This looks like a magnesium deficiency to me but… I give ph water and for the last week I’ve added cal-mag to the water. My ph going in today was 6.8 and 5.6 out. The ppm going in was 535 and 2650 out. All 4 plants are showing similar signs. Can anyone help get me back on track? Thanks, pinimage image image

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Don’t take this the wrong way…them girls are small to be 30 days old.
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I know… they’re not doing the best. All my fault. I’m trying to get my shit together one step at a time. They are under a mh lamp at 400w growing in ffof. The room gets an overhaul today to control heat and humidity better. Temps have been around 85 with rh all over the map, generally above 40 and no more than 60

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I can’t get a good clear pic but the leaves are yellowish in color with greener veins. Older are worse than new growth

@Pinboy122 Ocean forest has lots of nutrients already, that’s why your getting high runoff numbers. Are you adding any nutrients ? You can do calmag every watering

I’ve been adding calmag for the last week or so… no nutes yet

Ok good you won’t have to add nutrients for a few weeks at least. You can try doing a flush bring your ph up around 6-6.5. One you get your ph in range make sure you add calmag to the last water going in so your plant has some available.

Seeing magnesium deficiency in the first photo.
Add some epsom salt 1-3 Tsp per gallon of water.
Let it sit a bit allowing it to dissolve and stir it up.
You can also add 1/2 Tsp per quart of water and mix up and put in pump sprayer and foliar feed them this gives a quicker uptake.
I always add some epsom salt to my water.

What lights are they under?

Here’s a chart to reference to get your temps and humidity in the VPD range or at least as close as you can.

Hope this helps

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Definitely looks like cal-mag issue and a possible lock out due to it being reason why they are stunted atm how often and how much cal-mag are you giving it with being in soil it can take up to a couple weeks for the plant to fix itself make sure to pay close attention to new growth as the old growth won’t repair itself it will eventually die and fall off but leave them on as they still contain nutrients they plant will use up as it dies off

I’m giving 1 tsp of Cali magic per gallon of ph water. Would you stay the course or add some more? I also did a foliage spray on 2 of them yesterday.
I also finally got an exhaust fan in the room to keep the temps down as they were running about 85*.

@Skydiver thanks for that chart. It looks like the temp and rh are at or near stressful levels. The new fan should help with that

Increase in temps lowers RH
Decrease in temps raises RH
Increase in RH lowers temps
Decrease in RH raises temps

Look at possible changes to air flow into/out from tent and room tent is in as well as your houses temp. Even leaving a tent flap open if outside light won’t be an issue. Many possible adjustments and I’m constantly adjusting things to keep up with the outside weather changes which affect my inside environment and flows down to basement.

@Skydiver thanks, I just got a new exhaust fan so it will take a few days to dial in. I think I may mix a little extra calmag into the next water. Im quite frustrated over this… I thought I did my research and provided the best environment but such is life…I’m learning on the fly and doing my best, also looking forward to the next grow so I can use what I’ve learned

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Overwatering can cause issues like that too. Looks a bit overwatered. How often are you guving her water?

If anything I think I’ve been under watering. All the “dont over water” posts got me paranoid. I just gave them a solid watering with a double dose of calmag 2tsp/gl. I’ll let them sit on that for a couple days and let them drink it up