AgroMax Silverback grow tents - any good?

Any use an AgroMax Silverback tent? I’m in the market for a good tent and was seriously considering a Gorilla 5x5. Then I ran across the AgroMax Silverback that’s 57”x57” x 97” tall and made with 2000D material! It’s priced slightly cheaper than the comparable Gorilla and comes nice and tall without having to buy additional extensions. It sounds like a great deal but I’m just curious if anyone here on ILGM has used this brand before? It’d make me feel a little better if I knew someone else had actually used one and recommended them.
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I got nothing, but curious to see what kind of feedback you get.


I hate being the test subject but if I don’t get any feedback I may just have to be the one. Lol

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Nothing here as well. Looks like you are guinea pigging. :joy::joy:

I went with this one. Its made fairly well.

I’m kinda wavering now. Lol! I posed the same question on another forum and someone replied that they really disliked the Gorilla tent because it had so many zippers and that they actually wore out fairly quickly anyway; so, they claimed they got more bang for their buck by just buying a cheaper tent that didn’t kill ya to replace when a zipper broke. That got me thinking <—-never a good thing. I love buying quality because it usually lasts me a lot longer, saving me money in the long run. This might be one of those items where cheap makes sense. What do y’all think?? I’ve never had a tent so it’s hard for me to make and educated decision on. Have the expensive premium tents been worth the expense to y’all or not? Would YOU go high-end on a tent or not?