Age old flush question (give me your opinion)

Hey yall, back for the third week consecutive with my thicc quick one autoflo :

Shes been taking her time to mature her nugs so im wondering if flushing now will get her to hurry up à little. Shes on 12/12 rn and today is the day of watering. Here are some nugs pics, let me know what you think !


More info please. I see a healthy plant. Looks about week 5 of flower. Don’t stress her.


I am in awe
She’s a beautie

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Shes actually on week 9 of flowering and shes supposed to be a fast autoflo strain. I wonder if actually à little bit of stress (as in lack of nutes) may push her to finish the nugs off…

Also im beggining to see more and more little thrips, theyve been along the whole grow but yea the longer she goes maybe the more risky ?

What strain and from where did you get it?

“Quick one” royal queen seeds. Heres a screenshot of their webpage :

Just the fact that its not supposed to be taller than 60cm but shes actually 1m tall probably plays à rôle.

@Mr_Wormwood @CygnusX1 heres an update on the quick one that had trouble ripening her nugs, its been about 2 weeks and ive kept up the nutes so far :slight_smile:

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Nuggz looking sweet?

Definitely à lot better! not quite there so im wondering if flushing would get her to hurry up thinking the end is near @Mr_Wormwood

Flushing removes the nutes. The plant won’t grow without nutes. I think you should just concentrate on your trichomes and harvest accordingly. It’s obvious that Royal Seeds is having a battle between marketing and data sheets.


I think she’s too far out that flush would trick her. She looks like she’s got 3 weeks or more in her I’d guess.

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Not really a time to rush things. Very important time in the race. You can see the finish line now👍 just keep on cruising along.

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