AG Jeff Sissions is out. What now


Government is just trying figure out how to make money. Let’s test it so we can put some fake numbers on the label and cost the growers…:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


I think we need to keep sight of the big picture. What are natural rights?
Most cannot answer this question therefore they have no rights. Rights are not provided by gov. Rights are natural and therefore cannot be revoked. Natural rights are actions that do not harm another sentient being. They cannot be abridged unless we as men or women consent for them to be abridged.


The dems already have a bill to take off sced 1. They could not get a vote in the minority. Now is the time to push them to put it out for votes.


It was nice to see one new FREE STATE…


Session’s favorite movie? Reefer Madness. Nothing like watching that movie after a couple J’s. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We were almost better off here in VT under decriminalization, before legalization. The legislature put so many restrictions on growing, possession and transportation, with many felony charges for offenses that used to only be misdemeanors.


It’s the pathetic attempt by anti-legalization forces (who lost) to pack so many restrictions and conditions on the legalization that it is a horrible vindictive mess.
Canada is dealing with the same thing. NO advertising, or name brands mentioned.

What normally should happen is the pathetic motivations become more obvious as time goes on…and, then voters, whose vote was ignored, will find new elected people who listen and care.
These pathetic forces will become more vocal and in doing so become inconsequential as the American Voters learn that marijuana is a wonderful healthy way to enjoy life. Alcohol is dangerous poison. As is tobacco.


It’ll just be a new prohibition if the government legalizes it. They’ll just make it illegal for people to make it without some expensive licenses like liquor makers have to carry @Aolelon.