AG Jeff Sissions is out. What now

Wonder if it’s going to make a difference to cannabis. He wanted to go after legal dispensary’s so good he’s out. Just hope things change for the better. Dea already said cannabis does have medical benefits so by law it should have been removed from scheduled 1. But they didn’t. I sure wish I had the funds to fight it in court to have it rescheduled. I mean come on the gov is buying weed from Canada to study so why should it be left as scheduled 1 narcotic. In my state and 3 others we can still get a life sentence for possession of cannabis much less growing.
I made my choice to use it or hurt for life. I choose life that’s without so much pain. I will say if they come at me to try and get life then why not fight till the end. I won’t spend time in prison over my own healthcare. So my only option would be to fight with everything I have. Moving is not an option at this point in my life or I would in a heartbeat. I am a proud veteran ashamed of my country.


They are going to have no choice but to have to legalize it. Or do something positive for it. More and more states and countries are decriminalizing it year after year and the government will either be apart of it, or the states wont care and do It anyway.

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The Green Revolution IS rolling and will not be stopped. It started in the 1960’s and as more and more Americans realize weed is NOT ADDICTIVE nor a Gateway drug…the Professional Parasites in Congress and big businesses are seeking a “Slow Safe” way to make it legal and make billions by controlling and regulating it. It’s a God given plant.
The Old School Parasites: Feinstein, Schumer, Mcconnell are scrabbling to cash in and futilely trying to convince us “Weedies” that they have been our friends all along.
Yeah, right.


They have had the choice for 70+ years and have done nothing on a federal level. I have less than zero confidence commen since will prevail against big pharmaceutical money.

With Canada legalizing and three more American states voted to legalize weed…hope grows.

Onward Tru the Fog…:v:


Yes, but now states are legalizing it regardless of what the government is doing. They will be losing out on a shit load of money, and they wont allow that guaranteed

Mexico also just decriminalized it.

i’m addicted


33 states and growing. The fed can’t afford to stay silent any longer. I bet by the end of 2019 there will be some form of federal legalization. It might only be a rescheduling, it might be a medical only. Or we might get lucky and get a full repeal and it be left to the states. But something will change for the better guaranteed. There’s even pressure coming from the UN to make changes so it’s not just the US that’s being pushed towards the end of prohibition.


People definitely create dependencies on weed, just like they can anything. Which can definitely produce negative effects in certain ways, as for the addictiveness, it is not even close to some of the legal things they have let plague our country.

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We are living in a magical time!

Yep just like the end of alcohol prohibition. This era will go down in history as the end of prohibition of cannabis.

Portugal legalized personal use of all drugs…over 10 yrs ago. The country has not turned into a country of addicts. Uruguay legalized weed two yrs ago. No major problems.

It’s amazing how this, the last putrid legacy of disgraced sick dick nixon has lasted since 1970. Millions of decent Americans have been turned into convicted felons. Lost careers, homes, and worst yet broken families…all for dick nixons’ insatiable lust for power. Unbridled ambition is dangerous.

His last interview with Dick Cavett…nixon stated sincerely, “IF the President does something, it’s not illegal”. Jeez…such a waste. :sleepy:

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Medical here is a huge joke. Pill form only and everyone thinks that’s progress. And they going to be at least 9 months late on getting the pills out. We all know 1 strain and 1 dose age for everyone will help almost no one.

Yeah there’s a few states that have “legalization” that amounts to about nothing. But it still is a step. And even if it’s a small step it still pushes the fed towards doing something.

Would have been better if topic had explained that Trump has FIRED JEFFY SESSIONS…like 45 minutes ago…around 2pm CT.

Dang…poor jeffy is gonna have to go home. Enjoy his ill gotten gains from his private prison, big tobacco and big pharma stocks.

CYA…actually hope never

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I truly hope I am wrong but I just don’t think I am. I qualify over and over for the pills but it’s one size fits all and I would have to give up my gun rights in this state.

Two years. Feds will legalize it. The end is near.

It will happen I can pretty much guarantee it, the government is too greedy to not get their hands in the massive amounts of money being made. It wouldnt suprise me one bit if they are working on a bill as we speak to figure out how to best profit from legalizing it.
I would rather have them decriminalize it over legalizing it. Actually give it to the people instead of the big corporations.


Since I thought weed would be legal by 1975…I have small hope that the end is very near.
Jeez…50+ yrs of disgraced sick dick nixon’s putrid enduring legacy. So many lifes ruined. Families broken. Careers lost because of a felony conviction for minor possession of weed.