AG elect Jeff Sessions suggest Congress should legalize marijuana nationally!


Hey shoot the link up … I want to fall out of my chair too … :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:


Abc did not touch on the mj aspect of new att.general. guess i need to look elsewhere for the read! lol


I didn’t hear of this till now! Super excited what else news brings this year! We need nationwide legalization!! It’s the billion dollar crop and our new medicine! Forget big pharmacy pain killers👍


This is not my tread but I’m posting on it anyway… Now Jeff session was against leagallizing marijuana when he was in the senator… The only reason for him to suggest it now is the backlash he’s getting from the NAACP… He’s trying to get out of the hot seat by suggestion it now…


Whatever it takes to bend them to the will of the people. They’re supposed to do what we want, not the other way around.


That would be awesome, the dream of all of us getting together could be getting close my friends


We’re see how that turn’s out, now he’s the A.G. … Bet the story changes…


Could, but who knows. Trump is all for medical, just has reserves about rec. As long as they pull their heads out an realized they could make the country more revenue with mmj


revenue is the key word there,revenue…lol


The sad part is is that revenue is all it boils down to in the end… right now big money is pushing out the little guy in my neck of the woods… and the sad part is , I know a guy that’s in control and owns six 20 thousand square foot grow facilities for our dispensaries and he doesn’t even smoke so he has no idea or clue what good medicine is…:angry: …very very sad… :sob:



Could not agree more @FloridaSon!


Ok Jeff, nice people do smoke cannibis. Get it on the books


Well a year later Sessions is a hypocrite :expressionless:


two faced!
trying to make diversions from the B.S. going on in the WH!


Yes! @BIGE why hurt the people who are making money for your a$$ (in legal states) lol doesn’t make sense to me. The revenue from cannabis is helping fund schools and a lot of other good things. Why not crack down on the opiates??? Not poor cannabis :sneezing_face: makes me sad and mad at the same time. Why just why. This limbo needs to end. I say boycott big tobacco, big pharma, and big business for that matter!

Let’s get back to our 1918 roots!!! Before cannabis was illegal! :rofl:


I’m not a fan of the guy or his politics, but to his credit he has been pretty steadfast in upholding the laws as written by Congress and I suspect he would do the same if Congress were to legalize cannabis nationally. Although I am also sure he would lobby and use whatever power he has as a former senator and current AG to convince Congress not to pass such legislation. As it stands, it will be up to the U.S. district attorneys to enforce. So far, in a surprising irony, the California and Massachusetts DAs have “toed the party line” the most, whereas the DAs for Colorado and Seattle have said they will continue business the same way.


We were headed in the right direction before the Trump administration and the current Republican controlled Congress, it is a bloody shame…


i had to put the question of disabled people working and using MMJ to our state powers that be yesterday…lol
these guys paid for me to get re-educated for my disability
these guys want to put me to work
the people voted in MMJ
my question to my contact,’‘you are helping people with disabilitys what is going to happen to these folks when the MMJ hits the stores?’'
i explained i was not addicted to anything but cannot pass a simple drug scren…
what is your answer?she said she would bring it up to director @MacGyverStoner @Bogleg @AmnesiaHaze


myself i’m tired of being demonized because i smoke pot!
lol,and another thing!


our governors responce to sessions was that rec.marijuana would not happen here as long as he is gov.
he was not on board for MMJ either… pos
i’ll be over here beating the bark off of a tree if y’all need me!