AG elect Jeff Sessions suggest Congress should legalize marijuana nationally!


During Senate hearings on his confirmation Senator Jeff Sessions just said (para.) that if it’s the will of the people Congress should legalize marijuana nationally (at 3:16 p.m. Eastern today)


I about fell out of my chair! :grin:

In a happy way. Maybe there is hope for us all yet.


I think there may have been seismic activity recorded from all the people falling out of their chairs LOL! :thumbsup:

Let’s keep hoping praying or casting chicken bones that it works out for everybody, and sooner than later! :chicken:


Can it be Washington is waking up ?


Well there was a big ’ if ’ involved but wow! I’m kind of a political junkie and this statement was not expected, to put it mildly!


I’m hoping trump looks at it as a business man not a diplomat :+1:
If he does that then it’s a big push forward but might be getting ahead of my self here


For sure I pay attention also
Doesn’t sound like something they would put out there


Well president-elect Trump’s already on record in favor of medical marijuana but this was not expected


Absolutely if you follow along you must have been as stunned as Bob falling out of his chair!

I’m still trying to get my jaw back up off the ground, this is pretty amazing and completely unexpected


I unfortunately wasn’t watching today been busy with pt and chiropractor appointments :wink:
but I do follow and will try to catch up on this
And I am stunned to hear such a thing @Paranorman


WoW! get-r-done! good to hear we are finally pulling out of the prohibition age!


Maybe these people really are gonna “Make America great again”?

Tell you what, I like what I’m seeing and hearing so far. Definitely the right attitude!


If that happens ,then maybe Australia will follow, it has just been made legal In NSW for mmj, but a lot of red tape and only the very sick and dieing. But Australia seems to follow the USA. So fingers crossed.


Yeah me as well I was very surprised with several things but that to me was the big Shocker ! …that’s already in headlines all over the place I’m getting all kinds of alerts about it!


i will for sure watch national news tonight! i have ‘‘high’’ hopes!


That’s right gentlemen… drain the swamp and plant a garden …hoorah…:smiley::smile::grinning::blush::laughing:



Right on, brother man!


It’s tax revenue and the new POTUS would be a fool to pass up all that influx of new money as bad as the Government needs it right now . That is just residents the tourist destination for weed vacations would be a flood from all over the world .


I was actually watching it when it happened and it does not surprise me one bit if we get people in there that actually know what the hell they’re doing and what the people want that’s what we need


you mean like politicians that actually listen to the people they represent? OMG Not that!