After you cut your plant down

The conditions are optimum and you cut your plants down. My question to veteran growers is do you trim the leaves/buds as soon as you cut your plant down or do you trim after the 5 to 10 days they have been hung up and dehumidified ?


You will find varied opinions on this. I do a rough trim before drying and then a final trim between drying and curing.


:fu:same here, easiest way for me.

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Actually that sounds like the most common sense. First grow first harvest I’ve come this far to mess it up. Im not quiet ready to harvest but I have my dehumidifier , my jars, a couple pair of trimmers so I’m ready. Got a slight fertilizer burn but nothing major comes from being a little too aggressive with the sauce. Thanks for the replies guys.


Big congrats on getting that 1st under your belt👍
And bet your already planning your next grow.

I wet trim on the plant the day before harvest.


Not a veteran but I chose to leave stuff on and do a dry trim

My buds did not have much for foliage on it anyway and being a glutton for punishment, I went with the path of most resistance, due to some saying the slower the dry, the better final product (as long as it does dry and not mold :scream: :sob:

I like to cut and hang branches leaving most of the leafs on. I feel like this helps protect the flower during drying. It also slows down the drying process. (You want a slow dry)

Some dont water a few days befor thay chop. I like to water the day befor harvest so the plant can retain as much water as it can. I think this also helps slowing down the dry process.

Once it is dry enough for me, I like the stems to snap, I start trimming. If I notice that some branches are alittle ‘under dried’ I set them in a plastic tub with the lid on. This allows all extra moisture from the interior to be pulled to the outter flower.

We all have our own styles. This is just what works best for me.
Happy growing… :wink:


First harvest this morning and I left some on. I want to collect as much keef as possible, so I’m doing a dry trim next week.


I do about the same as most of the guys and gals on here I do a defol of all the big fan leaves when I cut down hang dry and do a final dry trim when dry just before jarring for cure. Good luck congrats on making it to the finish line.

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Congratulations on your 1st grow , Shoot for a slow dry 8 to 10 days , I take most of the fan leafs Before hanging limbs. After drying finish final trim. Good luck


Thanks, I trimmed one small branch last night to get an idea of what I’m in for, and I can’t imagine trimming some of the harvests that I see other people pulling

I guess in a way it’s kinda good I had a smaller yield? No that’s not right, I’d rather have a big haul and trim hell than not

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I dry trimmed kelly
Left every leaf on possible
The amount of keif I got was very minimal .
Not enough for me to warrant buying a trim bin
Was my first plant tho …so maybe the next could be different .
I think as long as you trim over something to catch it all …you’ll be fine …

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Still outta hearts. I don’t think a trim bin will do me a lot of good with Jordan. But Jillian has stayed freaking sugary and has a lot more bud so it would be nice to get a few grams of keef off her. I can tell right now she will be at least double the weight of Jordan. Her buds were airy bud they are thinking up big time.


I actually do still want a trim bin tho
I like the little arm pockets hahaha that would be much nicer

Very ergonomic lol

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I’ve been wondering something too
About the darkness recommend while drying/curing

Is there some way to trim in the dark?

I had to bring mine outside ,as to me nothing beats natural light

Has not been in light otherwise except for the trimming and jarring

Wondering the effect that the 4 hours it took me to trim 5 Oz had on it

While I was trimming I realized I have one more plant …and then after that nothing in stone when I will be trimming again so I wanted to enjoy it

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I do wet and dry trim. :+1:

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Love this , may I ask is there a reason the day before ? Gets a little hard holding the stem with double carpal tunnel if one is lucky enough to have a lot to trim.

Yep. All I have to do is chop and hang.