After transplanting

So I transplanted my lady into a 5 gal pot, I used fox farm fifty fifty mix of happy frog and ocean forest…and miracle grow perlite… i didn’t know they put there junk in the perlite… so the soil has been hot the whole grow. Haven’t needed to feed It except cal mag and compost tea.

That’s her after the transplant

Fast forward three days and the high nitrogen is starting to show
And I’m wondering if I should re transplant into the promix I bought yesterday, I should have transplanted into it the first time, lesson learned is a lesson learned but what can I do now?

Did you take a ppm reading after you transplanted?

Am new to growing, but perlite shouldn’t have nutes in it, even from MG brand. Why do you think it’s perlite, instead of roots adjusting to new mix of soil?

You could flush, why I asked about ppm readings.

The bag of perlite says its infused with MG… that’s what I thought, but I’ll be damned the bag had a analysis… so now I read everything lol. But the damage is done, I do not do ppm I did test the runoff waters ph after a deep soak, and it was hot but not extremely hot. I’ll have to get one of those soil ph testers, I’m gonna flush it tomorrow late morning before the light goes off

Yes, miracle grow perlite is charged, but transplanting isn’t going to do much for you. You can’t exactly remove the perlite. You’re going to have to stay the course. Water only, until the ppms start to come down. You’re already in hot soil so it will take several weeks

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