After the Harvest, Dry & Cure

Hey fellow growers!

I’m looking to upgrade my scale to something more modern. I still have a tripe beam scale from back in the day (70’s), and I really want to get something more up to date and digital.

What are you guys using?
What can you recommend?

I got a cheap one off Amazon for like under $20 that measures to 0.00


I use a digital kitchen scale for after harvest.
Made by Salton. Bout 25$.
Measures up to 5 lbs.

Any Amazon links or others, are appreciated.

I have this one. Only issue is it can only weigh 500g at a time.

@BobbyDigital …… I really want one that I could measure 1 gram… or less.
I will consider that one though.

It weighs all the way down to 1/10 of a gram


OK, that looks good. If you put a plastic bowl/tray on it, can you zero out the scale, then, fill the bowl with bud and still get an accurate measurement?

Yeah, that’s the tare button.

GREAT! You have given me the top contender so far.

Now lets see what others, if any, have to say.

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I use one very similar to @BobbyDigital and it works really well. Nice large capacity and still give good accuracy at the bottom of the scale as Bobby has shown.

Edit: I found it, here is a link: (the link is to their 300g model, I have the 5000g model)

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@Bobbydigital… The description on Amazon says that it is 16 inches long. Is this correct??

Same bud but with a 57g bowl.


Mine is 9x6”


@BobbyDigital … It must be a typo on Amazon.

It may be. Was thinking maybe they measured the box it comes in but the box is only 9.5x6.5

Hey I use this its pretty good for little $. It’s small but I think they have a bigger one.

Sounds like a good kinda problem.


A problem I hope to have!