After removing buds

running out of time and buds will be ready soon.
After harvest could I freeze in zip bags and wait to cure months later

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will most likely mold if you do that

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Thanks for your response

Any suggestions to speed up process.

Good sized colas with clear trichs and I leave in 3 weeks for 5 months.

Currently 14 dark and 10 light …no nutes

might try incrementally increasing the dark period to 16… not sure if it will really help but it might…changing seasons and all that.

leaving for five months and just gonna leave your harvest behind?? damn… Jail or military? lol

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heard the grass is greener on the other side

you don’t cure in the freezer - once dry place buds in an a air tight container fro 30 day - one can use 62%RH boveda packs if have them. 3 ways to store marijuana: air tight mason jar (for regular use) than ice box in veg drawer for periods of 3mos’ and then freeze for long term storage. The only time you store your “fresh” buds in freezer is if you are going to make “bubble-Hash” Remember harvest - dry - cure , Generally it takes 5-10 days to dry (depends on strain) and the shortest time to cure is 15 days Hope this helps !!


I would not do that. I believe the cellular structure would take a poop, and there are many other reasons why not to do this, above

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I would not freeze them , just jar them and poke holes inside the lid maybe 3 to breath and put in a dark humid closet and that should help .

Guess I will harvest early and hope for the best.
MY plan now is to cut in a week …should be starting to get milky
Dry for 3 weeks
jar with holes in lids
Leave them in garage where they will stay cool then freeze about a month later

Thanks for all the feedback.

Sounds like I’m hooped.

Will start earlier next year.

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Hope things work out for you !!! (sure they will) Just watch out for mold which will wreck your marijuana and is unhealthy to smoke

If you put breathing holes in the lids with some boveda packs and put the jars in a box they will do just fine and be able to vent while you are gone .

@horhay .Don’t freeze your buds that are fresh green .it’ll destroy taste and smell …Cure them rite and slow . them vacume pak and freeze or vacume seal in jars and freeze … every smell a out door garden that froze fast and thawed ?? …keep in mind … Hammer