After reading the Harvest and nutrients guides; I have a few questions

I have one plant with about 30% brown pistils and three others just starting to turn, I would say 1-2 weeks on the first according to the pics in the guide. After reading the flushing guide I’m unsure weather the soil instructions applied to plants in the ground or plants in soil in pots, is it necessary to flush plants in the ground for 2 weeks? with 2-3 weeks on the other three is it advisable to fertilize for flowers now (I have 15-30-15 or 10-15-10 would, half strength be 7-15-7 or 5-7-5 ? and which one would be best?)

I don’t think you would. I’ve grown 5-6 outside in the ground and didn’t flush. Buds smelled and tasted great

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Good to hear thanks, I guess I’ll fertilize then, they might as well be growing strong to the end.

I probably wouldn’t feed again. I’d just let them go