After only 53 days my 2 surviving amnesia haze are in flower ? Can you help me please



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

After only 53 days my 2 surviving amnesia haze are in flower ?? Any ideas on why ?? Could I have been sent auto-flower seeds or is this typical of the strain

Hi Zoe , Here are the details of my grow :
Strain= Amnesia Haze (ILG-AMH-FPS)
Soil= Fox Farms EX-1400 ocean forest potting soil ln root bags, transplanted outside into soil amended with compost
PH= 6.9-7.0 , nutrient mix =Fox Farms
FX 14049 : BIgBloom SOIL FORMULA
Average temp. range=50-75 F.
Average humidity=45-55 RH
Outside grow ,so no AC and no CO2
Hope that helps. I have 4 other strains growing under the same conditions
that do not show signs of flowering, so I am very curious as to why the A.H. is.
This is not a bad thing for me ,as it will allow extended use of my limited grow area and season.But I am a curious novice grower .


No expert here but depending on where you are it could hsve been tricked into flowering in the nights aare still a little longer but id wait for more experts to chime in


You must have gotten an auto seed accidentally. Photos don’t just go into flower on their own.


Outside is a whole new ballgame… day’s are probably not long enough at this time of year , depending on where he lives in the world… :wink::upside_down_face:



I didn’t think of that, but if he’s in the southern hemisphere it’s getting darker earlier now.


Stoner… :hugs::kissing_heart::yum::joy::grin:



Yep, yes I am. :grin:


Thanks for the input , I’m located in Oregon city OR. approx. 47 degrees N . The other 4 strains I’m growing are still in veg. same conditions for all ??


I’m back to my original thoughts. You must’ve gotten an auto seed accidentally. Photos just don’t flower in these conditions.


Thanks again , I’LL be enjoying an early harvest on those 2 plants . They are a bit under size , but they may surprise again !


I’m in az… and I can tell , for sure that temps are crazy right now… sun is stronger then normal also… crazy… :thinking:
Everything is all over the map… not normal for outside growing… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: