After marijuana heat stress

A question from a fellow grower:

I have recently had heat issues that I have recently resolved in my 4x8 DWC grow tent. My question is after the initial heat stress when do plants usually bounce back and grow normally. Here’s a pic of my future mother plant.

She looks decent. I am a bit worried about your air circulation due to being placed down in the tub. NO air can move through the plant.

Is that foil bright or dull side? Needs to be dull side.

Just make sure to control those temps from here out. A plant can bounce back from an environmental issues once, maybe twice, but each event takes it toll; Much like a series of heart attacks. Let us know how it goes, Peace :slight_smile:

Something to consider with DWC, an extreme heat event, especially if the reservoir itself became very hot, the water/nutrient mix could have become stagnant. The reservoir needs a complete change after such an event, and the dead or damage roots might need to be cleaned up a little.

The use of hydrogen peroxide is good for helping plants “bounce back” in a DWC setup. I did the same thing and after the addition of another fan, and moving the lights up about 12" (400W MHx2),they looked beat up, played out for a couple days. I put a cup of walmart H2O2 in it and the top leaves were rising in a couple hrs. Theyre still ok and doing fine, twice as big from their heat issue. This was good advice given to me, figured id pass it on, hopefully its good advice, lol.

Yes, this is good advice, hydrogen peroxide adds extra dissolved oxygen to the plant’s roots and helps remove necrotic roots and bad anaerobic bacteria – giving the healthy roots a better chance to recover.

On the topic of hyddogen peroxide… I looked at 35% because i was told/have read; the 3% you get at the store has impurities in it thats bad for plants. I bought the 35% and dilute it into water from my dehumidifier to .5% thats half a percent… Should i just buy the walmart stuff? Sorry for highjacking this post, but…

What you need to realize is that any % H2o2 will work. BUT!!! You have to adapt the values of measure to apply at the same strength.