After making compose tea

i have read you have to use your compose tea with in 3 days , and some say have to use it with in 3 or 4 hours , can somebody help this first timer at making tea ???


depends on how you made the tea, but in general use within 24 hours


To keep it longer you add a spoonful of unsulfured molasses and keep a bubble stone going.


I use my teas over a period of three to four days but i have my air stone bubbling away all the time and i think it depends on how much you make aswell i make a 20 ltr bucket of it i use about half of it and then i use the rest on my veggies and flowers outside

i just got a small tealab brewer 5 gallons but i only have 6 plants , so now i got to get respice for veg , and some for flowering , might be fun ,lol

If you want a recipe for veg all u need is worm castings and a good organic compost and molasses u put two cups of worm castings in to a mesh bag and then u add two cups of organic compost and u add two tablespoons of molasses desolved in warm water ,put the bag in ur water and tip in the desolved molasses and bubble it for 24 to 30 hours then use it and one for flower stage get four banana skins cut it up into small pieces place in a mesh bag place into the water and add two tablespoons of molasses and bubble it for 24 hours and then add ten mils of fish shit before u use it this mix gives ur flowers potassium and phosphorus and calcium and magnesium and iron

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The reason that compost teas are generally recommended to be used in the first day or two is competition. What I mean is those microbes are competing with each other for space and food. By adding the rich compost and or sugar sources the microbes explode in population unnaturally. Keeping competition in mind, there are winners and losers. By day 3-4 the battle is over. The food (compost and sugars) is spent and it’s just turbid inert water now compared to the life diversity days before. Usually just one species (or very few) are left at the end. It is better to use it sooner while it is still diverse with life.

The compost material has a very diverse microbe population. Especially if you use old compost piles, or use a commercial microbe boost product. That is the whole reason we use compost teas is to boost the diversity of microbial life in the soil. To make it unnaturally rich with diversity. Using it after all the diversity has collapsed to a few species is like drinking a wine after it has all oxidized to vinegar. It’s missing the point.

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You are right on with the fact your tea recipe releases those nutrients. That’s a bonus of the tea. The aerobic microbial boost is why we pump the air. Those nutrients could be released in other ways.

What I would say is those nutrients could also be released from the fruit with a catalyst based chemical reaction. Or even with a population of anaerobic bacteria with out any oxygen at all. Sealed tight. Or even dehydration and mechanical pulverarion.

The reason you are pumping the air into the tea is microbial populations of aerobic bacteria, fungi, and protozoa.

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all i can say is thank you , now i have a starting point

thank you , i am learning , new to the tea thing , but like the organic stuff have only done 6 plants, with it and like it , thanks again .

No probelm im glad to help

Depends on what I have in mine. If it’s just a banana/fruit skin blend. I can let mine sit for a few days. When I use the :poop:, I.e, fish :poop:, and worm and molasses. I don’t make any more than I can use in 48 hours, and that never stops bubbling the whole brew. Teas like this will go anaerobic and spoil your microbes in your medium. We want an aerobic medium.

Anaerobic bacteria can be useful too. They are not always bad if controlled when you add them. Especially outdoor beds. For example decomposing noxious weeds. They seed out or root from itty bitty stem bits. Like blackberries or kudzu or morning glory. I pack the weeds damn tight into a 5 gal bucket w lid. Then fill it w water and a little urine. Forget about it for 3-4 weeks. The stuff is what I like to call stinky weed soup. It’s thick like molasses. I apply it in the rain lightly. All my food forest and cannabis LOVE it. I do it exactly the same for kelp fronds ripped up in a storm. Or When I take the kids to the beach.

I am not saying to just grow anaerobically. Not at all. I am saying that in healthy living soil the occasional diversity of some anaerobic goo fertilizer has been great. My plants love it and pray afterwards. And those fast growing noxious weeds, how did they do that.? By consuming your soil nutrients. I feel it’s my duty to return those to the soil. Not spread them or ship them away. I love me some stinky weed soup my grow friends.


I agree with everything you said. I grow in my own concoction of soil from around my house. And I too will allow my tea to go a little anaerobic. Like yours. My plants love it.

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