After harvest, in the home?

Hi everyone, I joined recently and am very impressed by the quantity and quality of the info available here. I cleaned up my powdery mildew by spraying with milk 2:3 and H2O2 1:4 one week before harvest, I had been very worried. I just harvested 4 plants yesterday and the smell is so incredibly strong, it woke us up last night, I am now wondering is it safe to smell this all day long? I don.t want any health problems over this. The problem being I can’t control the humidity in the garage so the house seems the only option, I’d like to hear what others do at drying time.

The smell is harmless, it should get better as you progress.
Some dry in their grow tent with the filter running to keep the smell at bay.
Some use a product called a Wedryer available on amazon. its about $100

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Thanks again!

If the smell is a problem invest in a good carbon filter and inline fan. I dry in a closet in the same room I have tent in so just keep fan and filter going and close the door to the room (and to the closet with a small fan on a low setting blowing away from plants) I wet trim so only dries for 4-5 days then start jarring which limits smell besides burping for 30 days


smell is only a problem if you have to worry about “The Man”.