After germination in a cup of water. what photoperiod should i use until they break through the soil?

after germination in a cup of water , how long do you keep the lights on until they poke trough the soil.? should i use the photo period of 18/6 or 24 hours until they pop up. ?

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What I normally do is soak 18 hours. Transfer to damp toilet paper for 48 hours. I then transfer to the forever home and straight under my HLG lights for a 12/12 start to finish.

But this is what works for me and may not work for you. Most will recommend a 18/6.

thanks for the info, so i guess it should be 18/6 for me. i am doing a scrog. but your germination method has worked well for me. thanks for the info

I put them under a 19w led for 24hrs for about a week. Then I switch to 6/2 under my normal grow lights

thanks for your reply. have a good one

To answer your question the way you posed it. The seed requires no light to germinate. It only requires light after the the first set of true leaves, typically the the first single leaves that have serrations. The amount of light varies depending on your needs and what type of plant you are growing. Typically most folks go straight to 18/6.


thanks for your input. have a good one

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good topic. many variables can help you decide light schedule. so cuz im always cold, i run my seedling 24/0 just to keep the temps up, not for lighting reasons.

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after my 3 master kush seeds cracked in a cup of water for about 24 hours…then i put them in a thick folded paper towel not in a plastic bag, with no extra water so they would not drown on a plate on top of my reptile cage floor heater. with in 12 hours had decent tap roots and placed them in a 1/4 gallon pot in rockwool cube in coco/perlite. pre fertilized/and buffered with calimagic on 2 75 watt led grow bulbs for 24 hours until they popped up and switched to 18/6 under a 300 watt led grow light. just waiting to transplant then i will put in the grow tent under two 700 watt led mars hydro grow light, good luck. it has been over 5 years since i have grown,im a little paranoid because im using a new nute line earth juice. had luck with it in every other thing i grew. dont have to ph it. i love it. so far so good

nice, what strains are you running?

right now just 3 master kush. , i will be putting them in a 48x24x72. just have not put it together yet. there only 6 days above soil.there starting there second pair of real leaves leaves. i will put some pictures up when there is something to show.just seedling stage at the moment. i got 5 seeds,used 3 and still have 2 left over. i live in an apartment now so stealth is the name of the game

how are your plants doing?

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there doing pretty good,i have a few pictures on my phone,but it is not in sync with my home computer. i will have to upload them from my phone. i did have one problem,but its on me. i have not grown in like 5 years.well i forgot to buffer my coco and have a little cal mag issues. a few rust spots.that is what i did today, i buffered a new brick,well it is soaking in a calimag solution right now for 8 hours,then i will buffer it again for another 8 hours,thankfully the master kush ladies are ready for transplant from there 1 gallon to 3 gallon pots for now. there a very bushy compact plant. topped once and low stress train,there a thick little bush. will need plenty of air circulation. the leaves are huge and very wide. lost a little growth due to the cal mag issue. but they should be fine after i transplant tomorrow. i cannot believe i forgot to buffer my coco. getting old. they should have some massive thick nugs when i get to flowering.not there yet. have a good one

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