After flowering

A question from a fellow grower:

If you bring a plant in and force it to flower can you put it back into full sunlight after that to mature?

If the sun is up for the amount of hours you have your lights on so it doesn’t environmentally stress her out, and make sure that temps are good.

For example to flower lights need to be 12/12 as long as there isn’t more than 12 hours of light it won’t hermaphrodite. I wouldn’t advise it but if you do go that way best of luck to you and becareful

Yep, like @Majictoker said, you’ll cause problems if the light schedule is changed too much.
There are stages of growth caused by length of night that will only get screwed up if the night time length changes.
Move it out for daylight, inside for dark night…that would work. Someone will read this that has plants they bring outside for sun, I just can’t remember who, I am too old, or is it the cookie I ate?