After alcohol extraction

After doing a quick wash with 191 proof is there anything left in the flower? Would it be worth putting in your once washed flower for a long soak or add it to coconut oil. Maybe put 1/3 in and run it 3 times so you maybe concentrate down what’s left. I don’t want to leave anything behind if I don’t have to. @blackthumbbetty or anyone that could answer. Second question is how much thc and goodies can coconut oil hold. At what point is it over saturated and can’t hold anymore. If it holds more than we could put in it I would like to run some really strong. 1.5 to 2 oz of flower per 2 cups oil. My goal is to be able to pop 2 canna caps and be goooood to go. Hi tolerance I guess make me need to take 4 or more at times.
I will be using blueberry as it works the best for my back but it’s a 16 % thc so it’s not real strong to start with. In the future I want to grow a cbd and a high thc them combine them in the oil.


Sorry, no help here. I throw the extracted flower in compost pile.

I’m watching though!


I normally do but I was thinking the wash is getting tricombs off but what and how much is left in the plant that a quick wash doesn’t get.

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Check out you tube. I’ve seen videos where people will use their washed up product.

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Sure. You won’t yield nearly the same, but a second quick wash will definitely get you a little sum’n sum’n for your troubles.

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