After 40 years I'm going to start a indoor grow


i actually use a stamp collectors magnifier @Kcdaniels
then if i want to get real close up ,i use my carson…
sorry i cannot help there…


@Kcdaniels I also use a Carson microscope. I’ve used a jewelers loupe and it works better than the microscope in some aspects of looking.


15x isn’t that much, if possible try to get 60x or better. I just use some cheap $10 amazon ones, although I have bought 3 different ones. I don’t use the phone ones, so can not give advice there…

The hardest part of any of them is getting your hand and the plant both steady at the same time…


update 2/15/18… 20 days into flower
Well the girls are getting thirsty faster :wink:
Mid flower feeding…
PH in…6.5. Out…6.2
PPM…998 out…1450

The girls are looking great and the color of the leaves are nice green…they kind of look washed out in the light :confused:

Tried to get close up of the runts but not to well…looking thru a magnifier is still hard for me to see if clear or amber ?
Should I be trimming some of the leaves to let more light thru ?:confused:
Some of you that are using NFTG do the numbers look ok to you ?
As always thank you all for the encouragement and help :sunglasses::v:




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That just means there’s exciting things to come when they get thirstier like that @Kcdaniels !


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I’m telling you I know I’m excited every time I open up the grow room :scream::sunglasses:


Looking real good good there! I always prefer to try tucking the leaves out of the way if possible. Removing a few leaves won’t kill you, but you want them there receiving light.


@dbrn32 been trying that but they just blow back in place…I have quite a breeze in there :grin:


Pretty girls! Remember when you first joined? Still have some time to go but they look pretty happy. You aren’t even close yet on some of these. Lots of white pistils showing still. Patience is the key word lol.


@Kcdaniels Lookin’ good my friend! So now is this what I should be looking for after how many days? I am at a complete loss with a winter grow. Keep those fingers green! :woman_farmer:t4:


Yes I remember all to well :grin: to put it mildly I was slightly upset :scream: but with everyone helping we overcome :wink::joy:
I know my big girls aren’t ready but not sure on the small runt :confused:


I got ya bro. If you feel you need to trim a couple then go ahead. But keep it at bare minimum.


Haha your asking me :scream: I flying by the seat of my pants :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::v:


You’re not! We’re all here to help.


Your right :+1::sunglasses: this is a great place with some great people :v:


Out of likes, but I’ll 2nd that!