After 40 years I'm going to start a indoor grow


@Kcdaniels, I knew somebody would be able to help you. Those two responses I believe are prolly spot-on.


Just a cool shot of my girls :wink:


That’s how it goes lol. I built my new box 2.5 ft taller and I to have started everything short but mine was trying to get a quick stash and clones lol


update 2/12/18
Did a Herculean Flush on the 10th as per schedule for the NFTG…
PH in…6.5 out…6.2
PPM out…998
The girls are getting thirsty now so today I started "mid flowering schedule…
PH in…6.4 out…6.2
PPM in…889 out…1263
So the flush brought down The ppms as hoped :wink:
They are looking good to me so far…seems like flower sites everywhere :+1:
I tried to take close ups of the runts …the first one looks all clear to me ?? The second runt is still not ready I think ?

I will post separate pictures so you can zoom in :grinning:






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What a difference a few weeks can make! Nice work bro!


And ya, the second one for sure still throwing pistils. First pic looks closer, but let her go to about 15-20.% amber before you whack her. That should make sure you get all newer trichs closer to milky without being too Stoney


@dbrn32 thanks…now this is fun :wink::sunglasses:
I’m still dealing with temps in the mid 80s in the grow room but not much I can do about that right now :confused:


If you trek around some I’m sure you’ll find me say I’ve had better luck there with leds as opposed to anywhere else.

I’ve looked into it a little. Supposedly the leaves don’t transpire as well in the 70’s with led. So to get the same reaction you do with hps in the 70’s, you need to run canopy temps a little higher with leds.

Can’t say it’s a fact, or that everyone has the same experience. But look around some and you’ll find plenty of people have had similar experiences. I try to stay between 78 and 82.


@dbrn32 yes I’m seeing 84 to 88… Got a box fan an a small fan running but it’s not helping much :relieved:

I do know I’m loving this Quantum light !! :slight_smile: I’ve got it turned up to full and the girls seem to be loving it too :sunglasses:
Running about 11" to12" from the tops and I keep watch …


Awesome brother, glad you’re happy with it! When you get down with some of those photos it should be on!


Plants are looking great! I’m glad to see you are getting great result with the QB’s
You will be even happier when those buds become the size of your fist. :rofl:

I hope :sunglasses:


Thanks… Yes I hope also …:sunglasses::v::scream:

Just amazing to see how much growth so fast😁


Hey guys I’m looking for a magnifier …any recommendations ?
How about this…

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I use cheap jewelers loupe. It’s kind of a hassle, but not a big deal once you know what you’re looking for.