After 40 years I'm going to start a indoor grow


Looks good from here bro, nice work!


I agree! Looking good. Herculean flush will help for sure. I do one once a week - 10 days depending on what I’m seeing.


@dbrn32 thanks …very happy :ok_hand::sunglasses: starting to smell amazing !!! Just hooked up the carbon filter back on :wink:
When do you think I can take that huge harvest from the runts…they are getting sticky :grinning:
I have the light up full now and trying to keep it at 12".


Runt looks to be getting close. Little longer


Looking healthy @Kcdaniels love the lighting. :wink:


I would just get the trichs to desired level. At least milky. I like to try and let them all get milky without having more than 15-20% Amber


Thanks guys for the words of encouragement and advice :sunglasses::ok_hand:

Where we live it’s getting into the high 70s to low 80s and I’m seeing the grow room getting hotter :worried: so I’m thinking of taking the light out and cut a opening in the ceiling then install light to where the driver and top part of heat sink are outside the grow room…then come up with a way to raise and lower as needed for the plants…does that make sense ?:confused:

I know come summer I will have to install a air conditioner but seems like having heat part of the light outside of grow room would just be better…or I’m I off in my thinking ??

Also the light makes the leaves look bleached out but they are a beautiful green…

And loving the new video camera in the tent i can monitor my girls and make sure they are not misbehaving :grin:


Everything looks awesome in the tent @Kcdaniels


You can certainly do that, what kind of canopy temps are you seeing? You’ll do a little better with leds when it’s upper 70’s to low 80’s as opposed to low 70’s we usually like with hid.

If you’re going to end up running a/c anyway I’m not sure it would be worth the hassle right now. Remote locating driver to outside of room may help a little. And if you can get a little more air flow through usually helps some too.


@Kcdaniels @dbrn32 air flow definitely helps with canopy temps. My exhaust is 90°-95°, but the canopy temps are 80°. This accounts for the heat put off from the lights.


Couple times was approaching 90…and for us winter is almost over with hot temps not to far off :scream:
Maybe I should try a little bigger fan or add another fan in the grow room…


Hard to say. Wouldn’t want to spend a bunch on fans and end up needing a/c anyway. I was just throwing a few potential options out.


Hey guys and gals…well we are going thru a record high temperatures here :relieved:
Temps were almost 90 in the grow room…I have had the light at full and set to 12" above the girls…so I turned down the light to about a little past half then lowered the light to about 6" above the tops :confused:
what’s your thoughts ? Think it’s still enough light for the girls??
The temperature drop to 84 :+1:


My temperatures often run almost 90s sometimes 92°F. I think this matters more if you have a really cold temperature at night. I read that it shouldn’t swing more than 50°? @Kcdaniels


Yeah it’s something like that. Like below 60 degrees F so basically not in the 50s like you @Covertgrower said I think. But I’m not sure if it’s bad if there’s a big drastic swing or not even if it’s within those parameters if that makes sense? Sorry if I didn’t help but created more questions. I’m kind of learning on here too


@Covertgrower @neckNflu

Thanks…then 88 to 90 is not too bad ? I guess in the back of my mind I’m also worried about mildew :worried:


Yeah I’m thinking 90 is too hot. That could maybe be a good temp for fungus or mold and that kind of stuff? But I heard of people on here running higher temperatures and doing just fine. I’m guessing some strains probably love it. But I really don’t know 100%.
Some of the long time growers will probably chime in and give you a good temp range.


We got 12” of snow today lol.

You should be ok there. Watch the plants, they’ll tell you.


Plant whisper :joy:


Yeah 88°-90° isn’t bad. Mold is more likely to happen if you have inadequate air flow through the grow area and not just a fan circulating inside the tent. @Kcdaniels