After 40 years I'm going to start a indoor grow


Now that apparently my girls have started to flower ? Would it be ok to go 12 on 12 off with the light ?
I know with the autos it doesn’t matter just thinking saving electric :+1:


I don’t grow autos, but from following along the journals it seems like they produce a little more when kept under the 18/6 for duration. But plenty of people seem to do them under 12/12.


@Kcdaniels 3 gal. just my size! :woman_farmer:t4:


@Kcdaniels it will hinder your yield some… But not dramatically i do it all the time I grow autos and photos at the same time. I let the autos go until they put on some weight and the photos are mature enough. Then I flip to 12/12 I don’t have any problems every now and again I will get an auto to foxtail but that’s a genetic trait brought forward by stress so nothing you can do to avoid it.


I’m growing autos and a photo in the same tent. They’ve been on 12/12 since they had one set of true leaves lol. They seem to be just fine with it.


I can’t believe how fast my girls are growing :joy: they are growing about one inch a day ! Is that the norm ?

I am very happy :slight_smile: :ok_hand::+1::v:

Now the red headed step children are just hanging in there :sweat_smile: all two inches of them haha


Yep, if they’re growing like that you’re doing it right!


update 2-3-18

The girls are growing like crazy :grinning::christmas_tree:
I’m loving it…lol…
I’ve started them on the early flowering schedule with NFTG…
I did a little LST on one of the girls and left the big girl alone :sunglasses:
I also bought a Wi-Fi video camera to monitor the girls without going out to check on them all the time :wink: it works great even in total darkness…I just want to keep tabs on the temperature as it cold one day then it’s warm the next :confused:
Let me know guys what you think :wink:


Alright! That’s more of what we expected from first go around, live and learn right?

Mini me there sure is getting frosty!


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I’ve been turning up the light slowly over the last week and as the girls reach up I’ve been moving the light up trying to maintain about 12" above the tops of the biggest girl😎

yes this is more of what I was thinking it was going to be from the beginning :grin:


This is looking better than mine! Keep up the great work @Kcdaniels!


Thanks …but not as good… but getting better :innocent:

Really liking this video camera​:ok_hand::+1: I can check up on them and even talk to them :grin:


Looking good brother!


Learning from all you guys :grin::+1::sunglasses:


@Kcdaniels Bonzai! Sorry I just couldn’t resist. :woman_farmer:t4: :peace_symbol:


I know right :grin::grin:


update 2/7/18
Feed the girls today…NFTG…Schedule early flowering…
ph in-6.4 … ph out 6.0
ppm in-989 ppm out-1895

Next feeding will be a Herculean flush that should bring down the ppm,s ??:confused:

The girls are still growing about one inch a day :sunglasses:
They look healthy to me ?

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