After 40 years I'm going to start a indoor grow


Living on the edge. :wink: just temporary … @BIGE


Yea think your right…let them do there thing…next grow though :sunglasses:


I forgot to mention that I’ve turning up the light a little at a time every few days…


Well then they are right about a month old… @MattyBear


Thanks everyone for their comments :wink: you all have made a BIG difference in my little grow :+1::raised_hands:


Good! That probably explains it.


Dude @MattyBear i thought i was tripping when I looked quickly
@Kcdaniels dude what going on there ??
The big girls look great
The little one are a bug out


Looking great @Kcdaniels love the shorty!


Ha ha…yea I am growing miniature weed now…you know when all you need is a quick joint…:grin:

@Covertgrower thanks… I know right she kind of grows on you :wink:


You can call your farm miniature farm
Have a few dwarf pig :pig2: and goats :goat: lol you’d be all set farm tax credit lol
So really what happened there she just never grew ?


@Countryboyjvd1971 Hey I have a dwarf pig and goats going to start a circus :scream::sunglasses: …no just kidding…no pig…no goats… And no circus…hahaha

:grin::grin::joy: …well the consensus was it came down to too much light to fast…:scream: I believe it was @dbrn32 who broke the case lol…
I have the quantum light 288…the sucker is BRIGHT :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Has a dimmer on it …I’m turning it all the way down thinking I was dialing it to 25% but it was really 75% :fearful:

So we’re thinking just too intense lighting. :confused:


The light definitely played a role there. But she was transplanted very early too, for ph issues or something right?


Yes the thinking was maybe the seeding soil was to hot “Black Gold” so I transplanted them to the “Promix” but it wasn’t till you suggested it might be the light :+1: that the girls started to respond… :sunglasses:
I was thinking I had the light turned down to 25% but in reality it was 75% :grimacing: too much intensity…


I agree. Transplanting the autos themselves can be a tricky deal is all I was pointing out.


@dbrn32 I’m learning a lot…you know you can read all you want but in the end it’s the experience that you gain AND the collective experience of this forum :+1::raised_hands:
I’ve been slowly lowering the light…currently at 12" above the tops of the tallest plant and slowly turning up the intensity …so far they seem to like it :sunglasses:


Absolutely, you’ll never quit learning. But the process itself will get much easier. You’re doing good!

It’s very rare that someone absolutely blows their tent out on their first grow. Even grows that appear to be really good, can always be much better. So there’s always an aspect of being able to walk before you can run.


Looking good @Kcdaniels keep up the good work. I’ve also read on here not to top the autos.


@roost1 thanks :sunglasses: yes I read the same thing too but then read some had success :confused: but have decided to just let them do there own thing…but next grow…:grinning:


@Kcdaniels Wow cute little buggers! Nice idea what size are those bags? Green thumbs up!! :woman_farmer:t4::peace_symbol:


@highcountrygal hey thanks :sunglasses: …they are white widow autos in 3 gallon soft pots…