After 40 years I'm going to start a indoor grow


Yea mine came crazy fast…hate to say but it was about 72 degrees here today in sunny Florida :grin:

Maybe I’ll get a joints worth out of her :joy:

@BIGE what do you have coming ?


skywalker and gold leaf @Kcdaniels
maybe first of next week, i’m in the middle of country so it takes a few more days from over seas…lol


73 and breezy in my part of South Florida today.


Cool…I a!most went with skywalker…just because I like the name :grin:

@roost1 isn’t this the best time of year ?? Highly dislike the summers :grimacing: they seem to get hotter as I get older :sunglasses:


I love It here all the time. This winter has been cooler than normal but I think that the case everywhere.


update 1-26-18…start of flowering
Well I think the girls are looking mighty fine :sunglasses:
Seems like the like to be feed about every 5 days…

Today I feed them another round of early veg on the NOTG schedule…

Do you think maybe I should fimm or top the girls ?? :wink:

Here are the numbers…
PH in…6.2. Out…6.3…
PPM in…613 Out…683


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Am I seeing things, or are they starting flower? If they’re flowering I wouldn’t top them. If they are still in veg and not autos I say go ahead and top them!


Plants look good amigo!

Is your light by any chance not sitting level? Could just be pic playing trick on my eyes, but you have bright reflection on wall and plants almost look shadowed.



The little girls are…but the big girls ??? …they all are autos…just one picture so you can zoom in…


On the second photo above I thought I saw some pistils when I zoomed in.


i’m not liking the paint bucket stands,but your plants look gorgeous @Kcdaniels


Autos are really tricky to top. It has to be done really early or else you will do more harm then good. I think you’re past the point of topping autos, unfortunately. However, you should do some LST.


I do a lot to autos to maximize yield. I start LST really early. Here’s an example of an auto I’m growing now


looking good @MattyBear i’ve been letting mine grow natural now i’m in the shed and they have all been short…lol


@dbrn32 yes it’s level…I had other lights on in the Shed maybe that’s it ? Can’t tell you how happy I am that I am finally getting results :grinning:

@MattyBear wow that was fast…:grinning: “On the second photo above I thought I saw some pistils when I zoomed in”


I’ll keep bending and manipulating her until she’s a few weeks into flower and starts hardening off.
Keep it up tho! Hope I could help a little


@Kcdaniels I would just let them grow normal, keep dialing in your enviroment, why complicate things now that you are seeing positive results…


Autos start flowering fast usually. My blueberry autos vegged for the longest at around 35-40 days before flowering. Most are between weeks 3-4