After 40 years I'm going to start a indoor grow


Update 1-22-18
Hey guys and gals :sunglasses:
Well we have been without internet for almost a week so I’ve been checking in on my phone but it’s not the same lol

Two days ago I feed the girls at the Early Veg schedule and they were hungry :wink:
I also mixed up the “Bloom Khaos” for the foliar spray .so if in the pictures you see a “white” spot on some of the leaves it’s residue…
Here are the numbers…
ph in…6.3. ph out …6.4
ppm in.519. ppm out…576
The first picture is of the two inch girl that is going into flower :scream:
I also lowered the light to about 20" above the new girl …

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Looking great @Kcdaniels Whats up with the internet there?


@bob31 about half the residents here in our community was out…:confused: just got it back this afternoon…
Funny how we used to get along just fine without it…I felt like was going thru withdrawals :grinning:


I know right! Can I tell you we had a storm a couple months ago and lost power. I fired up the generator, heated with the woodstove and cooked on the grill.

Apparently the local “nodes” that run each local cable tv/ internet zone has a 12 hour battery in it and when we hit the 12 hours we lost internet and tv. Ok, then it was game on… But ours was back on the next day.



Looking good, good thinking lowering the light too. She’s definitely looking like she wanted to get leggy on you.

You should be able to increase light intensity every 5 days or so at this point. Just watch how they react and you should be good.


Yes I’ve been turning the light up about a quarter turn also and watching…:sunglasses:

What do you guys think of the two inch flowering girl ? :scream:



Outside of the tragic loss of what you’re expecting to be a solid producing plant, I think she’s cute! You may want to keep an eye out for if she starts to lean any. I wouldn’t imagine it would take a whole lot of weight to need some support.


I had an aha do the same thing. I had another one growing so I took it to harvest. Dry weight of about 5 grams. @Kcdaniels


:joy::joy:…but was it a great smoke ? :wink:


I haven’t tried it yet. It’s on top of the cure jar so next bit I grind up will be that aha. I’m sure it’s killer stuff. Hahaha

I cut it down at the ground dried it for 5 days and jarred it up. I never even bothered to trim it lol


Awesome @Kcdaniels I hope my tiny clone looks as cute as yours. Frosty little thing!


Your grow is looking great if you need any help let me know.


Happy day today…my super skunk seeds (10+10) deal and 5 gold leaf came :+1::sunglasses: man that was very quick !!! :v:
This place is great !


@Kcdaniels sorry bro i just received all your notifications all at once about 10 minuets ago dis you get things worked out
Woohoo on beans showing up


sweet @Kcdaniels that’s going to be alotta meds!


Awesome! How long til they see a pot?


@Countryboyjvd1971 Hey no problem :+1: yea the girls are pretty much on cruise control…knock on wood :grinning:,

@BIGE I just couldn’t turn down the sale plus I need all the meds I can get :sweat_smile:

@dbrn32 the plan is to finish this grow then get serious about the next grow :wink::relieved:

Will be posting another update tomorrow…these girls are growing a inch a day :grin::v:


Must be a good day for delivery, as I had 5 GoldLeaf in my mail box today also, 7 days from order. Now if only it was spring and the snow was gone…

That little 2" thing is crazy, and I thought the one I had that only made to it 8" was small. :v:


i’m camped out at the mailbox!