After 40 years I'm going to start a indoor grow


I’m At 24" from the top of the bigger girl and light is turn down all the way


My light is at about 80% right now because the big girl is flowering and likes it and I’m making the auto adjust to that power, but I’m keeping her farther away and she is growing strong. I’m going to move an AK47 auto into the tent after her first set of true leaves come out too


@MattyBear yea if you would that would be great :wink:


A little lower with less power isn’t going to be a lot different than higher with more power. Not at those measurements and settings I don’t think.

If they’re hungry more light isn’t going to help, and I’m thinking mattybear is correct. Perhaps @Usmcjojo can verify they’re ready to eat, and then you bump the light intensity up again.


Don’t mind the wet DE lol.


@Kcdaniels I can’t say anything about the kind of light you have, but I noticed mine have been hungry. I went to a feed every time I water now. I had beautiful lime green growth, but then I just watered and they “stalled” a bit. So I went back to feeding every time.


@dbrn32 ok then I should wait for the next feeding (in 5 or 6 days ) to the Early Veg then watch and see how they respond then maybe move the light down or increase the intensity ?


I’m using the same sample pack. You should be using early vegetative. I’m following a feed feed water feed feed water schedule.


I’ve been doing Feed -Feed- feed- tea


When I feed should I water till I get “some” run off ?


Yes, always. 10-20% is good
Edit: Once their roots are established. That’s my bad. I think you’re good now though. You just don’t want the residuals building up in your medium so watering to runoff will help flush those out


If that’s what your doing than I think you just need to switch to the early vegetative and continue what you’re doing and see how they react.

Them that small I don’t think you should water to runoff. Not yet anyway. You can as @MattyBear suggests just be cautious.


Thanks everyone for your help and input :+1::sunglasses:


I can’t really verify how to proceed with the nutes for sure. I would think that you would’t want to wait that long if they’re hungry now. But I don’t have any experience with the notg either. I would think that whenever it’s decided to bump their feed, if they perk up that’s when I would throw a little more light at then.


@Tylan did you receive the “tea” in your sample kit ?


@dbrn32 I was thinking because I flushed them today let them dry out some before the next feeding ?


No. I got these though.


Ok I received a “tea” in my kit…:sunglasses:


@MattyBear wow your girls are looking great :+1:…what age is the big girl ?


She’s 10 days into flower now. I’m going to do some more defoliating this week to expose light to more bud sites. The tucking isn’t enough, they just keep coming right back to the top and block the lower stuff.