After 40 years I'm going to start a indoor grow


It’s hard not to give them too much love! Especially when there’s even a little issue lol.


Yeah I guess there is such a thing as “to much lovin” :grin:


For sure and most all of us have been there
@Kcdaniels once you dial in a program that works for you it gets easier to let them do their thing
I check my grow room twice a day
In the am just before i leave ill tend to my seedlings or whatever the light in propagation tent is on 24-7 till sprout then gets a 18-6 schedule and when i get home ill check flower and veg spaces I stage my area lights so my flower space has lights on at night from 6 pm to 6am and my veg space has turns on at noon and off at 6 am
This helps with both cooling cost in summer and heat in winter


Out of likes guys, but I’m on board with everything.


Out of likes again😎 thanks guys for the info and support !


Well I just placed a order for Super Skunk (on sale) and Good Leaf at 50% off !
Been reading up on them for a while…looking to keep my back pain in check and help me sleep…


Everyone seems to be pretty happy with both when they grow them. We usually dabble in heavy sativa hybrids, not exactly what help with pain and sleep.


update 1-15 -18

Ok so today following the “Nector for the Gods” schedule it’s time to do a preventive flush with Herculean Harvest

So I mix up a gallon with a tablespoon of the Herculean Harvest PH at 6.3… PPM at 144…one gallon for each girl…

The big girl came out at PH 6.0 and PPM at 564

The small girl came out at 6.0 and PPM at 554

The light is at 24" and turn down to 50%
I moved the light down 1-12-18

It seems they have slowed down on growth and the outer leaves seem to be getting a lighter green😦

I tried to show it the best I could with the pictures…
Let me know what you guys think :confused:

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They grow up so fast… she looks good for her age… @Kcdaniels


Thanks…they were growing about 1" a day but now have slowed down…is that normal ?


Normally I’d say you can be giving them quite a bit more light by this point, but they haven’t really responded to light well at all. So I’m not really sure what’s going on there.

@MattyBear has pretty much the same light with a small plant in there. Let’s see if he can run us through where he’s at and what he’s seeing.


They look a little hungry to me. Those lights put out so much I think we have to really watch for deficiencies. I know my girl just wants to keep feeding. Looking good though!


Haha that’s funny we responded at the same time and were answering the same thing lol


What’s the height to your little lady, and what are you currently at for dimmer setting?


I’ve been following the “seed or clone” feeding about ever 5 to 6 days…next feedings I will go with the “early vegetative”


I can post a pic of my girl if you want. I am seeing fungus gnat larva so I’ve been trying to deal with that the past few days, but I have to dry the medium out so my DE will be effective. Just in those few days of not being able to feed as much and I’ve noticed her wanting more lol


My little lady is over 3’ away still. The big girl is at the closest 14” and most are around 16”


I think she’s big enough for the early veg feedings