After 40 years I'm going to start a indoor grow


@BIGE man I hope so…:wink:


Your using auto flowers correct that is the smallest auto I have ever seen flower! Man that light is so powerful she didn’t have a chance to stretch! Wow I’m confused about why it happened I haven’t seen a grow journal on here from too much light? Good luck I wish you the best harvest bro only thing is they just keep getting better every grow


I think there were a few things that contributed to the munchkin, light being one of them.


I agree maybe light to close as well as other factors
New girls seem to be doing the right thing tho @Kcdaniels


Thanks guys :grin:
Really the light is the only thing that changed between the “older girls” and the " new girls " :confused: meaning turning the light all the way down and moving the light as high as possible…well I take that back I did start the "older"girls in the Black Gold seed starter soil…

Any thoughts when I should try to lower the light and or turning the light back up some ??
I have been spending less time with them…maybe a good thing :wink:


Are you noticing any stretch? That would be first indicator. You can probably start to increase light intensity, but I would do either one or the other a little at a time.


@dbrn32 is on point watch for them to start streaching looking for light then start to lower it or increase power slowly and watch the plants for negative reactions
I have a propogation tent that they stay into untill they are big enough to transplant and go under full power
I run 600- 800 watts in m veg tent (actual watts )
Depending on my light configuration 4x4 tent


@Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32

Here is a picture from this morning… Seems to be growing like a weed :slight_smile:

Not sure if I’m seeing stretching ?


Your looking good and i tbink you can start increasing the power for sure ki have a few plants just a bit bigger than your under my 650 watts of led right now
My lights are about 24 inches off the top of my plants


Thanks…might try lowering the light about 6" and see how they do. …


Keep me posted brother im around most days
I crash early tho fyi i get up at 230 am for work im usually not on at night


Yep I concur, 6” is a good start. Just watch how she responds after that.


Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile: sure do appreciate it !


update 1-12-18
The “new girls” are doing great :+1:
the “older” girls are growing but very stunted :fearful:

I have a question…in the picture it looks like the new girls leaves are curling up…do you think I should lower or turn up the light ?
I’m seeing about 1" of growth a day from the new girls :sunglasses:

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@Ron330 @Sirsmokes @dbrn32 @MAXHeadRoom


That’s usually a good sign they are digging the light, you should be pretty good to increase intensity.


Cool…thinking I might lower it by another 6" . …I’m at 30" now. …


Sounds pretty reasonable to me. As long as the leaves stay turned up like that they should be pretty good. You’ll see a lot of people refer to that as praying to light.


Got to say you guys I’m excited :grin: seeing a positive reaction to there environment…instead of stunted growth !

Another thing I’m doing is only checking on the girls about twice a day instead of about six times a day… :innocent:


@Kcdaniels sometimes doing nothing is the best course :+1:
Looking good
And I agree that uou can probably lower 6 inches