After 40 years I'm going to start a indoor grow


@AnneBonny Thanks :grin: but there still lots of time to mess them up :wink:


I’m not even sure why I liked that comment… you meant to say there’s still a lot of time to grow trichs bigger than @MAXHeadRoom’s lol.


Dude, that’s EVERYBODY’S mantra haha!


Look what else is growing in my Promix :worried:
Some kind of shroom ?


Not the right kind of shroom haha!


far out man!!


free co2 generators they won’t last long in the intense light and lower RH higher temps


update 12-28 -17

The new girls are doing ok I think :confused: the first picture she is about a week younger than the seeding in the second picture…
My first two girls are still hanging on…lol…might have the smallest flowering plants :sweat_smile:
I have been watering with ph 6.3 water about every 4 days…still following the nutrients schedule for NOTG…
Let me know what you guys think :innocent:

these girls are about 6weeks old

![20171228_161949|690x388] (upload://6DayFoxIyEiZVsxREiqniMtwIhz.jpg)




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New ones look good. Old ones those are probably just pre flowers due to age. They should continue to veg as long as light schedule is right.

On another note. It’s really weird that they are alive and showing growth, but haven’t taken off yet. I really wish I could wrap my head around what’s going on there. Roots have had plenty of time to do their thing since transplant.


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@dbrn32 well remember these are autos…I’m going to keep them going as long as possible just to see if they will take off…


Autos, they get every time with those preflowers. Lol. @Kcdaniels


I forgot they were autos, sorry


So that little plant is actually flowering? This was about a well ago, are there actual flowers continuing to grow on that baby, @Kcdaniels?


update 1-7-18

I think the girls are coming along…at least I haven’t killed them yet :wink:,
The “new” girls are 22 days old and 18 days old…

The old girls are around 57 days old…

They all seem to be doing better with the light turned all the way down :slight_smile:

I have been feeding following the nutrients of the Gods schedule…Feed .feed. feed. tea mix for seedlings and clones…

Should I change over to early veg feedings ?? :confused:

Do you think the new girls are on par where they should be ??

Old girls

new girls

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I did a runoff With The last watering and And here are the numberss

Going In…old Girls…PH 6.3
Runoff…PH 6.3 ppm 475

Runoff…new Girls…PH 6.3 ppm 646

I Forgot To Measure The ppm Going In :confused:


No likes to share, sorry.

Glad things are going better!


Thanks @dbrn32:v:


pretty soon they will be wall to wall and 10ft tall!