After 40 years I'm going to start a indoor grow


When you get into the garden tonight, raise your light some more. Like a foot. You shouldn’t be losing that many that you get to germinate. I start seeds and root clones under a very small diy light. I fired up my 4000k board last night for shits and giggles. You could probably do one board at 50% around 30” or so, but I’m thinking having two boards is just a little too much for them to handle.


UPDATE 12-19-17
Ok finally some good news …
The “NEW” girl on the block is lookin mighty fine😉

The 5 week old girls are doing good with one doing better than the other :slight_smile:

Put the new seeding with tail in her new home :grinning:

So far I have feed the older girls with the “NOTG” feeding schedule for seedings …last feeding was 3days ago and will feed again tomorrow…

The “new” seedings are getting PH water at 6.3

As @dbrn32 recommend I raised the lights to 36" and turned down the light to a quarter . …

Guys and gals I really appreciate your help and support :slight_smile::v:

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Something else may have just jumped out at me as you posted that. You have a style driver with built in dimmer right?


@dbrn32 yes it does…turned it down to a quarter…


We haven’t been communicating well lol. When you turn it all the way down, the light is still on right?


lol…yes and it is still pretty bright…:sunglasses:


@dbrn32 it goes from pretty bright to sun scorcher :scream:


Ok good! I think we may have found your issue. That driver dims from 50% power to 100% power. When you originally posted like weeks ago, and said it was at half power, I translated that to you had dimmer turned all the way down. When in fact, you had the dimmer turned half way, which is 75% power.

Sound about right?


@dbrn32 yes that’s right :fearful:

I’m thinking I had it at 50% so it really was 75% ?


Yep, 75% of all available power from the light. When it’s turned all the way down, that’s half power. Like you said, still bright!


You can only turn it down as far as 50% if that makes more sense.

Do you check your girls daily?


@dbrn32 well in a way that makes me feel a little better…
Then it might not be what I’m doing to them …it’s that I have been cooking them :fearful:


@dbrn32 yes about 6 times a day …


You’re worst case scenario then is going to be an inch or two of stretch then. I would turn dimmer all the way down and give them a break. Maybe even raise it a little more anyway.

You’ve been hammering them with photons lol. I’ll take the heat for that, I should’ve probably asked more questions.


@dbrn32 could that be a reason for the stunted growth of the first two girls ?


@dbrn32 Hey not your fault at all…all you have done is try to help and steer me in the right direction :+1:


Could be and most likely is


I have the light as far up as I can at 36" above the girls. .


If you were to be starting in the small cups as you originally tried, would you have more room?

Also, safe to assume you are using factory hangers and with a Luke creativity you could get yourself a little more room?


Awesome @Kcdaniels. I knew if you kept at it the answer would come.