After 40 years I'm going to start a indoor grow


Hey guys…well getting stuff together for my grow…starting a little later than planned but the hurricane put the brakes on for almost a month…but any how here’s what I’m thinking after reading on this site for the last couple months…

Thinking of this tent…32x32x63…




Test kits…

I’m still searching for fans and carbon filter…?

I have ordered seeds from here…white widow auto…

Any input or suggestions would be welcomed…

If I posted this in the wrong area i apologize in advance…:slight_smile:


@Kcdaniels Glad to hear you are gonna do it!

That tent will most likely be ok for the autos, but I use and recommend the 36 x 36 x 72 tent. those extra 4 inches are huge if they start getting too close to the lights

The pots for autos, save a few $$ and go with the 3 gallon pots. That is all you need for Autos.

The soil looks good, but not sure about that price. Go to google and type in hydro store near me and see if there is anything close to you (I don’t know where you live)

You’re gonna need pH Up and Down

Clip on Fan

clip and stand fan

exhaust fan and filter (The link goes to the 4" but I recommend the 6 inch unit. You will also need a length of 4 or 6 inch ducting! )

These are just some ideas!


The light you selected should be enough for veg but will not cut it for flower. At 195 watts it is one of the poorer performers out there. Personally I would look at Mars, Viparspectra or Meizhi as those seem to be getting good reviews among the cheapie leds. I have several 300 watt Meizhi and use one of them for most of my veg. One is enough for the first six weeks.


@bob31 thanks for the helpful links …with the tent I’m short on space in my Shed (8x12) so not much room but will try and make the room…I’ve orderd the kit of nutrients “Nectar of the gods”…I don’t remember if it comes with a ph up.down…but will order it if it doesn’t…
I’ve read your grows and have learned a lot from not only you but everyone :slight_smile: this is just a amazing place with so many people willing to share knowledge !


@Myfriendis410 thanks for the tip on the light!..would this be a better choice…


@bob31 just went out to the Shed and measured…68inches is as high as I can go😕 just no room…

Was thinking about outdoor grow but I live in a small gated community with to many prying eyes…lol

I plan on starting with two girls with a scrog…maybe just one would be better considering my limited space ?


Let’s get someone more knowledgeable in here to help you. @dbrn32 would you have any time to help @Kcdaniels?


Thanks for tag @Myfriendis410, always willing to help if I can.

@Kcdaniels you have some awesome help here, some of the best in my opinion! What I would like to do is get you settled on a tent before I recommend a light. That morsen light specifically someone here just had a relatively new one fail.

Like @bob31 says, you’ll want a little more tent if you can find it. If that’s too tall, would a 36”x36” that is maybe a little shorter be an option?


That will have to do then @Kcdaniels no worries autos will do fine


@dbrn32 thank you…I can go to as high as 68inches and can make 36x36 work…but in searching around i don’t see 36x36x68 they all seem to be 72 inches high…


Huh, now I’m gonna have to go look. I swear my 3x3 was only 63”.

The main reason I ask is because you can kind of offset the height of your plant by topping and/or tying the branches down a bit. Then you could probably get away with running up to 4 photos on a shorter veg time. I agree with @bob31 that by the time you get an exhaust fan, filter, and lights up there it doesn’t leave a lot of room. But you can generally just cheat by using methods to keep your plants short and changing to flower times a little earlier.

Let me go scope these tents a minute


My 36 x 36 is 72 tall @dbrn32


Yep. The one I’m referring to is a gorilla. Not sure I could justify recommending it at $240. It’s 36x36x59 though @bob31

I guess the question then becomes will he be better off with the 32”x32”, or would a 2’x4’ be a better option? Or is it even an option @Kcdaniels?

Most of the 2x4 are looking like 63” and much less than gorilla tent. But then we are probably talking 2 light fixtures too. All be it we can also use smaller fixtures or a single cob bar. Ugggh, decisions lol!


@dbrn32 I found this 4x2x60…I could make this work but the 36x36 would fit in my space better…


Another option is i build a enclosure to fit my space…I’m pretty darn handy…at least that’s what my wife tells me :grinning:


For sure, build is always on option. However, unless you have materials on hand it’s probably not a cheaper option. I just spent $97 on 2 sheets of 1/2” birch for a project.

I have only grown in squares, so I can’t really speak to any disadvantages or advantages that the 2x4 may have. Perhaps one of the others can help with that?

To this being handy your wife speaks of… Think you’d be able to build your own light? You’ll essentially be able to double your performance per dollar, and it’s not really that difficult to do.


If I build it i would go with drywall…cheap and easy to work with…

Ummm…haven’t thought about building a light ? I’ll research it and take a look see…:slight_smile:


True dat! Even with drywall it probably wouldn’t be hard to exceed the cost of tent. But you may get a little added value in building to exact size that works.

Definitely check that out. You can go from really easy to pretty darn wild, and there are even some kits available that make it pretty simple.


Good luck! Here’s hoping that your grow is easy going and fruitful.


welcome and good luck