After 3 failed orders

I’ve had enough.
My 1st order was placed a week before covid struck then when it got here not one of the 15 seeds germinated. All of them were also way undersized.
The 2nd order was half undersized and the rest were crushed.
The last order was sent to an address I no longer lived at which I informed ilgm about at least a month before.
At this point I’m wondering if they even read my emails as all I got was a generic reply about covid being a trying time.
Disgusted, dissatisfied and feeling like a sucker. $250 later and over a year.
Never again.


Bummer. The only thing I can say is that they wont leave you hanging, although you’ll never get that year back. Good luck going forward!

The first time is definitely a learning experience but , if you pics and other stuff I’m sure they can work it out , I feel very lost and confused the first time as well

We are very sorry about your experience. I see you’ve been sent 2 re shipments and that my colleagues have helped you out at all times.

At this point the best solution is to refund your payment, I see my colleague has already offered you this yesterday, it would help a lot if you could get back to him without swearing or calling out names. I hope you can understand that we are doing our best to help you out.


Sooo I am trying to figure out how to post my message without replying to someone else’s. I grow stuff & am good at it… not so much the iPhone tech thing! I emailed ILGM to make aware that out of 5 seeds (STP-CHS-FAPS) in my order #734220, three did not germ. Used grow bible water method on two, and paper towel method on one. Haven’t gotten a response. I’m not angry, I don’t want a refund, I just want three replacement seeds so I can get the green cheese growing, dude! Please let me know ya got my message.

Used to be an email to ILGM was responded to within two days. Something has gone wrong at ILGM…I sent a failed germination email over a week ago…no response at all!!! Also, never seen so many missing seed orders and failure to address customer issues in a timely manner.
You could try the support/contact page…like I did over a week ago.
You might get lucky and actually get an appropriate response.
Unless ILGM lives up to it’s pricey customer support claims, I won’t buy anymore seeds here. No sense in paying top dollar for seeds that don’t hatch. Plenty of others willing to take my money and send viable healthy seeds.

@ILGM.Stacy might be able to help.
Some responses gets sent to the junk folder.

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Hi there,

I checked up on this and noticed we replied to you yesterday. We only reply to one of the several emails you’ve sent us over the weekend to keep things clear. Please keep it with one email at a time.
I understand you are disappointed because we can’t offer personal mix & match packs but there’s no need to do what you are doing now, we always reply within 24 hours except for in the weekends. Nothing has changed in this.

You can expect a response again today about your replacements.


They always crack for me , If you can get into the forum there is a lot of experience grower that can get you trough your troubles , they already with you and will assist you ,…

@Stacy…I had expected a smooth friendly customer service response…like ILGM used to do.
Yes, I finally did get a “courtesy” offer of $129 to resolve the failure to germinate issue. Now, my grow schedule is trashed. No way I can start new babies after two weeks. Being on limited income and needing a supply of smoke, it is very important that everything goes smoothly and on time. That will not happen now.
Overly long response along with the unwarranted chastisement have tainted this whole transaction, has left a sour taste in my mouth.
I cannot accept the your “gift”. Please keep your “gift” offer and slights.

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Well, you cant please all the people all the time. Thats just life.

Im sorry it didn’t work out for you. I always make sure I order seeds well in advance to ensure that I have them in hand when the time comes.

Good luck with your future grows.

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