Afghan to close 2022

1/23 day 61
I quick look to see how things are doing.
Tent - day 4 since flipping
Showing some good growth

I used a clip where I could to bend them.

if a clip didn’t fit I held it down with pipe cleaners or soft wire

Closet Day 61
I am still flushing her out. The ph has dropped to 6.2 with 650 ppm. She sure doesn’t look like she is hungry.

Hard telling I thinned the center our completely a couple days ago. The crown is about 18" across.

And stretching the tape at about 12"

After flushing her today I put her on the autopot.


First some leafy greens. A couple weeks ago and dopped a bunch of buttercrunch lettuce seeds into cell trays. Of the 36 cells this is what germinated.

They are under the Chilled 65w veg light and appear to like the lights and also Jack’s TAP. I dilute it down to 300 - 400 ph’d around 6.0 - 6.4. I was thinking I was going to have a mess of them and had planned on putting them under a HLG 260 (I know overkill). But I think I will leave them where they are.

Tent day 64 - 7 days from flip.
I wanted to mark day 7. All bud sites are 5-6" above the string.

And fairly evenly spread out

As I mentioned previously, my intention is to have 12 individual colas. In past grows I have let more sites grow and have somewhat lost the form of individual colas. To achieve this goal I have pinched all side growth tips. I am now at the point where it is decision time.
They all are basically like this one

My question is…should continue to pinch the new side growth tips or is it time to let them grow? I do not want to sacrifice the size and form of the colas by pinching more than I should or alternately, less than optimum. Your thoughts and opinions are most welcome.

Till next time :sunglasses:


Nice work and excellent looking canopy Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:


Id say you have plenty of tops and i would let her grow out more but i dont really top my ladies alot just 1-2x thru veg

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This is what I am pinching off. I am not topping it.


What is the difference between topping and pinching from your perspective?

If it is topped the two growth tips remain and will eventually form two stems and colas. When I pinch the side growth tips only the main stem remains resulting in one main colas.
I am shooting for colas that are similar to these

I think it is a timing thing. When the plant redirects its energy away from growing bigger to producing flowers.


@OGIncognito what sort of commercial projects did / do you work on? My clients were all contractors of some sort. Small GCs doing 75M or less, site utility contractors, dirt movers and excavators, electricians etc.


I’m on the GC side as a Project Superintendent and run it from breaking ground to final completion. I moved an Azz load of dirt on the multi-family project I’m on now :love_you_gesture:


Yeah I always thought project supers had the toughest jobs. They got it from every side…always in the middle.


You keep a tight ship sir. As mentioned, thats one lush looking canopy.

That plant fits your creation to the tee. A side by side of the old square vs the new octagon with plants for comparison. Very nice.


Here I sit and drool. I am in awe. Good growing and thank you for sharing.


Good days and bad. Experience is really lacking at all levels. Thinking about retiring in 3 years if I can afford, that’ll put me at 62 and taking a huge hit but frankly I’m tired of baby sitting :love_you_gesture:


Get Whats yours
Revised edition advised for rules of people in the SSA.
good luck.

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Appreciate that Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

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Did you pinch these off?

I did not pinch the ones with the red lines. At this point I want to see how things start to shape up. I am no carpenter but I know it is safer to cut twice. I’ll see where they are at mid week or so and then decide.

ps I retired in 2019 and never looked back.


I let it all grow after the 1st topping, every now and then I’ll snip a few weaker ones on the side branches :love_you_gesture:


Great news on the carpenter end. I’m a glazier. Here in Wisconsin. Carpenters have a bad pension here. Have to share everything and they depend on the new apprentices to keep them afloat. I can’t wait to retire I have about 10-12 years. Need 1mil$ in mine to retire and not look back.


Many of the companies I worked with were in the Operating Engineers and a few in the Teamsters. If I recall correctly the Op Eng were in much better shape than the Teamsters. Teamsters of course have a rough history.
The widespread adoption of right-to-work laws really diminished the strength and ability of organized labor to negotiate. This very much was to the detriment of their participants. Post World War II unions built the middle class of this country.