Afghan Strain flowering

From a fellow grower:

1 does the Afghani strain need less than 12/12 light schedule, or do they take alot longer to show sex? I remember them flowering later than the others but males showed in Aug last year on my outdoor greenhouse grow. Now trying indoors where I can control humidity and mold. 16 days, marshydro 145w true 300w @12-14 inches-ish Stretched plenty, but now at a standstill about 15 inches tall in 5 gals etch, etc.

2 is 'days flower’ on breeders packets from the light switch or when the first pistol is noticed. and if you top that top cola early in flower will it delay an extra week?

Do not top while in flower period, topping should only be done in vegitative growth, and here is a good light cyle to go by as I’m sure Afghan is a 8-10 week strain
1st week: 12/12
2nd week: 12/12
3rd week: 11.5/12.5
4th week: 11.5/12.5
5th week: 11/13
6th week: 11/13
7th week: 10.5/13.5
8th week: 10/14
9th week: 9.5/14.5
10th week: 9/15
Than you harvest, unless you see Amber trichomes with 70-90% of pistols changed colour (white hairs) as for the stand still have you checked for roots to make sure it’s not a transplant, and I think you can hang an led light about 5-8 inches above your plants with out burning them

Ph can also have a factor in growing as well as co2, humidity, oxygen, light, and water

does the strain influence topping?
I thought I’d heard some varieties don’t like to be topped at all, early or late, mostly Indicas in that group, which the Afghani is? They take longer to recover from the shock?

I guess if I were a plant (been there mentally, doesn’t count), someone going around cutting off heads would shock me too.

You don’t top in flowering as I have already stated in my first post, some strains don’t like it and some take very well to it your correct there, but other than that you only top in vegitative never in flowering also depending on how healthy the root base is and the plant is will determine in his long til it heals

Yes you never top autoFlowering plants. Those are the only ones I know of.