Afghan - Normal, hermie, male? Opinions?

Not sure what’s going on here. Haven’t grown Afghan before, so my apologies if this is nothing…
1 of 2 plants. The other doesn’t look like this. Also of note this plant started developing trichomes what seems to be very early compared to others. Any help much appreciated!

I don’t see any balls in those pics.I believe she’s all lady :metal:


Yep. Congrats thats a lady… but those calyx look mighty swollen. Has she been… scary music pollinated?!?!


It does seem early for the pistil to turn brown and recede like that


If there’s a gent around here knocking up the ladies he isn’t on my property…
starts eyeing neighborhood suspiciously

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Thank you! Not my first grow but still a relative enough n00b to get nervous when sum’n don’t quite look right. Guess this one’s just a bit precocious.:sweat_smile:

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If you are somewhere legal… its a possibility. Scares the jebbus outta me. No compassion having growers… but hopefully all is well in you bud nuggets of frostiness

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Looks like she got knocked up. If you’re lucky it’s a hermy and you only have a little problem. Otherwise your grow space has been compromised and you have serious problems. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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@PurpNGold74 @Stonedagain2 yeah, in MA… the two other grows near me that I’m aware of don’t have boys, buuuuuut that’s only two of who knows how many or how nearby. :grimacing: maybe time to borrow a drone and have a look around.

I don’t know if it’s lack of compassion or lack of knowledge or both. I’ve spoken to people who don’t even realize they need to be looking out for males, nevermind actually checking or knowing what to look for, or that it can and will affect other people’s plants.

None of my other girls are really flowering yet but they’re starting… ugh crap, maybe if I pull the cover back over the ones in the high tunnel they stand a chance?

Life finds a way my guy. Sadly its all but unavoidable. And as u stated, lack of knowledge is a real issue. Best of luck regardless

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As I’m sitting in my pitch black room putting gorilla tape over pin holes which is inside another room in a basement lol

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UPDATE: She’s doing fine :grin:
No boys, no bananas. I’m just jumpy lol.

August 31:


Pistils look a bit burnt, probably either from the cold snap overnight or my organic fungicide or both. Went down to 48˚F here in MA few nights ago, hoping to use that to my advantage while pushing to the finish.
Y’all are awesome, thanks for the help!

She looks frosty af! Great job. Now ease her to the big finale. N get ready to reap ur rewards

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